4 Ways Eating Together with Family Benefits You


Not every family will take the effort to have meals together. Even though it might be tempting to chow down while watching your favourite sitcom, having a meal with the whole family – either at home or a restaurant – brings numerous benefits. Your kids will be more likely to eat healthier, and spend quality time together that you wouldn’t have if everyone was on their phones. Everyone will also get more of those feel-good endorphins from laughing and talking with each other. Here are four ways eating chicken Castle Hill and other dishes together with family benefits you.

Reduces Stress:

Sit down to eat dinner together with your family few times a week, whenever possible. A study found that people who ate dinner together three times per week reported being happier and less lonely than those who only ate family dinners once per week. So, it is indeed a great idea to hang out with your loved ones at chicken shop Castle Hill and have your favourite meal together.

Minimises Weight Gain:

Yes! Research shows that children who eat with their families five or more times a week are less likely to be overweight than those who only dine together three times a week. This may be because kids and parents talk more when they eat together, or simply due to convenience. A quick dinner together after school or work does sound like a fun thing to do together, after all. So, if you’re looking for some family bonding time, eating as a group in your house or a restaurant is a great place to start.

Improves Sleep in Children:

Did you know? According to research conducted in 2015, kids who ate dinner with their families had a better chance of going to bed on time and getting a full night’s sleep. Researchers also found that these kids also slept longer and less restlessly than those who didn’t eat together. Spending time together at dinner is not only fun, but it helps improve your child’s overall health by promoting healthier sleeping habits.

Enhances Creativity:

Spending time together around a table not just boosts your physical health, but your mental health as well! Studies reveal that people who ate together had better concentration than those who didn’t. This could be because when you share Castle Hill chicken meal, you get to engage in fun conversations that stimulate key areas of your brain responsible for things like creativity and memory. This frequent “brain exercise” will certainly enhance your creative and memory skills over time.

From the benefits mentioned above, you should realise by now that family meals can be incredibly beneficial for everyone, especially children. So why not order a takeaway of your favourite chicken Castle Hill meal or visit a restaurant together? You will also nurture strong relations in the process.

The author is working in a recognised chicken shop Castle Hill for a few years. He often writes about food and nutrition for various online publications. To know more, visit https://wishbonechicken.com.au/

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