5 Spices Commonly Used in Lebanese Cuisine

Diverse cultures often offer the best cuisine. The more diverse the country, the richer the flavour they can create. In places like Lebanon, food allows a burst of culinary elements which complements each other in a beautiful way.

Lebanese cuisine is most known for its blend of elements from the aroma of cinnamon to the flavour of meat. This often means that Lebanese cuisine for Parramatta dining is the go-to food of most people for its perfect scent and taste. They usually feature meat as protein such as lamb, chicken, beef, or fish.

5 Unique Lebanese Spices

The touch of Lebanese cooking can be mostly attributed to its simple but creative base ingredients. The balance between spices which adds aroma and deep flavor create savory dimensions only noticeable through the fine dining Parramatta Lebanese restaurants has to offer.


A spice very reminiscent of lemon both in aroma and in taste. Most of the time, this fragrant spice is utilized to brighten up dressings. Occasionally, it is also used as a garnish to add a pop of color and acidity to the dish prior to being served.

Rose Water

As beautiful as roses are to look at, they are also used as spice in Lebanon. Rose water is essentially rose petals essence dissolved in distilled water. Nowadays, the process of creating rose water is through steam distillation where you put rose petals in water to extract essential oils.

Pomegranate Molasses

Reducing a fresh pomegranate juice creates Pomegranate Molasses which in turn allows the juice to be thicker and sweeter with a touch of acidity. Moreover, pomegranate molasses are also used to add a brightness to a number of Lebanese dishes.

Tahini Paste

Is made through the grinding of sesame seeds. It is usually a complementary spice that is mostly paired with garlic and olive oil to achieve a savory and silky tahini sauce. The best part about this spice is that it doesn’t just add flavor, but nutrients as well.

Orange Blossom Water

As you’d expect, Orange Blossom Water is made almost through the same process as Rose Water. The only difference is that you would replace rose petals with fragrant, potent orange flowers. You will see Orange Blossom Water most commonly added on desserts such as Baklava and Cafe Blanc.

3 Iconic Lebanese Cuisines

Three examples of great Lebanese cuisines that the popular Lebanese restaurant Parramatta offer are below:


Tempting with its crunch, Lebanon’s national dish presents the uniqueness of Lebanese dishes.


Kafta are onion, parsley, and spices wrapped around your chosen protein such as beef, lamb, or meatballs.


Hummus are very often paired with carrot sticks, but are already great on their own. It looks like a thick soup often composed of chickpeas, sesame paste, garlic, and olive oil.

The author of this article is working at a top-rated Lebanese restaurant Parramatta. To learn more, visit https://armanirestaurant.com.au/.

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