5 Tips to Perform Local Keyword Research


Customers across the world use search engine to find information on the internet. Generally, keywords are used to initiate a search and get relevant results on the search engine result page. The experts from the leading digital marketing agency in Atlanta leverage the power of keywords to help businesses rank high in search results. Local keywords are limited by your geographical location. For instance, if you are searching for plumbers in your area, typing ‘plumbers in Atlanta’ will give you the most relevant results than simply typing plumbers. However, Google is getting smarter these days, and it serves you with the relevant results even if you do not add a location to the keyword. This is because Google can read your location and then provides you with the desired results. But does this mean local keywords have no importance? No, we still need local keywords to rank well in local searches.

Steps to Perform a Local Keyword Research

According to professionals from a leading digital marketing agency in Atlanta, performing local keyword research is essential to get a clear picture of what people type into the search box when they are searching for your services or products. Unfortunately, many business owners assume they know how people are searching for their business and target wrong keywords that could affect their search ranking. Moreover, they ignore relevant keywords that could make a great positive impact on their business. So, here we’ve listed a few tips to perform keyword research for your local business.

Understand Your Business Services

Understanding the services your business offers is significant before you even start looking for the keywords. As an initial step, list all your services in a document. This is very important because in addition to searching for a general keyword, for instance, ‘plumber Atlanta,’ people also search for specific services such as ‘drain unblocking Atlanta,’ and more. In addition to this, use a keyword research tool to brainstorm relevant keywords people use when searching for your service or products.

Local Intent

Check for local intent by tracking the SERP for the map pack and local business ranking in the organic search results. For example, if you are searching for a local keyword, and there is no map pack, or the results are not from local businesses, then the keyword you are using doesn’t have any local intent.

Search Volume

The leading Atlanta SEO company suggests creating a page for the specific service, even if you are getting low search volumes for your local keywords. It’s crucial to develop a page for your leads because they are looking for it, and you are offering the service. This would be helpful not only for the visitors who used a specific keyword with a low search volume but also for visitors who landed on your website using a primary keyword.

Don’t Stuff Keywords

Keyword stuffing and using the same exact phrases in your copy multiple times is the wrong approach. Instead, add only the ‘things to mention’ because it helps Google understand topic relevance and rank you higher in the search results. Moreover, it also helps you in ranking for long-tail keywords.

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The author of this article is associated with a leading digital marketing agency in Atlanta and has over a decade of experience in the industry. In this article, he lists a few simple tips to perform a local keyword research. Visit https://www.strategicmarketing-consultants.com/ for more information.

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