A Simple Guide to Choose Beach Towels


So, you have planned to head to the beach to enjoy the golden rays and spend some quality time with your friends or family. What next? Packing your beach bag is a crucial step to ensure that you stay comfortable at the beach. While packing your favourite beach stuff, don’t forget to add a super absorbent beach towel. But, finding the best beach towel isn’t as easy as it seems. Without the right beach towel, you won’t be having a satisfactory time at the beach. So, here we’ve listed a few factors to consider while buying fast drying beach towels.

Water Absorbance

People use beach towels to lay under the sun, and if your beach towel doesn’t dry quickly, you will have to sit on a wet, sandy towel. So, when it’s time to leave the beach, removing the sand attached to your towel will be a hard task. Microfiber beach towel absorbs water quickly and dries incredibly fast. Always look for towels that have high water absorbance properties.

Thin Material

Towels made from thick materials are difficult to handle. Moreover, thick towels are bulky, and when folded, they occupy a lot of space in your beach bag. This makes you carry additional bags to carry your stuff. These towels get heavy when they are wet, and removing sand from them is hard.

Choose the Right Size

Towels come in different sizes, and it’s always better to buy a towel that’s longer, especially if you are a frequent beachgoer. If the towel sizes feel too small for you, choose a beach blanket instead.


It’s enticing to buy beach towels that are available at cheap prices. But, most of them doesn’t last long. So, don’t regret to spend some extra penny to buy a super absorbent beach towel that’s durable and long lasting. Generally, beach towels that are available at prices less than $10 won’t last more than two or three beach trips. They wear out soon, and you will have to buy four or five towels to get through the summer.

Bright Colours

The colour you choose for your microfiber beach towel is important because darker colours absorb more heat. On the other hand, light colour towels can get stained easily (However, stain-resistant microfiber towels are readily available online now). So, go for bright colour towels with loud patterns to walk in style at the beach. Moreover, bright coloured towels make it easier for you to pick out your towel in a crowd.

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