Affordable Bathroom Renovation Ideas


So you’re looking for some ways to renovate your bathroom within your budget. Popular bathroom remodels trending on social media make it seem like you have to spend thousands of dollars on exotic bathroom fixtures and supplies. But that’s not true.

While it might seem impossible, inexpensive bathroom renovation is possible with proper budgeting and planning. Read on the find out what you can do to refresh your bathroom without spending a lot of money and how to find the right bathroom renovation package deals:-

Focus On Walls

What is the first thing you’ll notice when you enter any room? Walls, isn’t it? While most bathrooms have tiles on the walls, it’s a good idea to replace the tiles of the wall in your bathroom to bring a new life to the place. Opt for colourful wall wallpapers, geometric patterns, decals, or even a fresh coat of paint to instantly change the look of your bathroom.

Add Some Statement Piece

It’s not necessary to rip the walls and floors and go for a complete remodel to create a wow factor. All you need is simple changes, like adding a statement piece, especially if you’re on a tight budget. If your mirror is rusty or old, it’s time to add that glam factor with a statement piece. Don’t stick to the same rectangular shape. Go for quirky ones that are unusual at the same time, attractive and make a statement.

Reuse Don’t Replace

If some of your bathroom fixtures can be reused, please don’t replace them. In fact, reusing is the best strategy for bathroom renovations on an extremely tight budget. Try to resurface fibreglass, porcelain, or cast-iron fixtures, bathtubs, vanity, shower and other things instead of buying a new one. If you have vintage fixtures that you don’t want to replace, resurfacing them is viable.


Even on a tight budget, you can do better on lightings in your bathroom. Beautiful pendants and wall lights will give your bathroom more character. Make sure to choose the right light fixtures that complement your bathroom.

Custom bathroom renovations Sydney don’t have to be expensive. Choose the right bathroom renovation company that offers affordable renovation packages. A quick Google search of affordable bathroom renovations near me can help you select the best renovation company. Get quotes, compare, and settle with one that fits into your budget.

The author is a blogger specialising in custom bathroom renovations. Along with a team of professionals, he offers the best remodelling designs ideas that suit your budget and style. Visit for more details on bathroom renovations near me.

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