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You may not be aware of the word ‘K-pop’ (‘Korean Pop’) yet, but you will be soon. South Korean ‘idol groups’ has tens of millions of loyal fans all over the world, and stadiums are sold out in the blink of an eye as soon as a concert is announced. This industry is worth billions of dollars in terms of economic value.

This seems like a fantastic incentive to learn more about this fascinating occurrence, so what exactly is K-pop? What made it so special in the first place? We examine its recent history, industrial-style production, innovative modes of expression, and worldwide impact. If you find yourself riding the ‘Korean wave,’ don’t be surprised. Nowadays, you can find Kpop online store that offers a wide range of products to K-Pop fans.

The beginning of K-Pop

Music in South Korea was tightly banned until the early 1990s. Songs have to be about the motherland’s glories or on relatively tame subject matter. All of that changed in 1992, when Seo Taiji & Boys appeared on a television talent program and went on to become extremely popular. Come Back Home, a song about runaway teenagers, was the first song to fuse current American pop music with South Korean culture. This helped pave the road for today’s popular K-pop. If you are looking for K-pop albums, you can search for Kpop merchandise online.

Music as a product for export

South Korea went from being a poor country in the 1960s to having the 11th largest economy in the world in 1996. That year, Lee Soo Man, a businessman, saw a prospect in releasing and spreading Korean music, so he formed SM Entertainment. A few years later, two other major entertainment organisations, YG Entertainment (established by Seo Taiji & Boys) and JYP Entertainment, were founded. These three companies are credited with inventing the K-pop success formula. They received a lot of help when Asia was devastated by the 1997 financial crisis, and the government decided to invest at least 1% of its budget on the cultural sector.

Breakthrough on an international scale

The three major entertainment companies arranged their first tours outside of Asia in 2011, more than a decade later. PSY’s global hit, Gangnam Style, arrived a year later, and that was the true international breakthrough. It was the first video on YouTube to gain over a billion views, and it exposed millions of people around the world to the K-pop craze. In K-pop’s homeland, the impact of this foreign expansion may be seen. In 2010, South Korea’s music business was ranked 21st, but in 2017 it was the world’s 6th largest music market. The Kpop merch online are becoming popular due to the success of K-pop.

How does K-pop sound?

Different genres are frequently blended in one song, which gives K-Pop its distinct sound. From hip hop to EDM to rock to pop, the transitions are effortless. All K-pop songs seem to have one thing in common: they’re all earworms. You won’t be able to get these catchy songs out of your brain after you’ve heard them.

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