Beers That Pair Well With Kebabs


A sip of wine and a bite of juicy kebab tastes heaven, isn’t it? But, there’s a common misconception that kebabs taste well only when paired with wine. Why not beer and other types of cocktail? The spice and extreme flavours of kebabs are complimented when it’s paired with the right drink. When you say kebab, most Aussies think of a doner kebab meat for sale, a shaved meat that’s wrapped in flatbread with salad and sauce. It’s no wonder that Aussies love beer. However, they also love their wine, cocktails, and coffee too. In fact, Australia is the fourth largest wine exporter in the world. A drink has the potential to bring out different flavours of dish. If you are looking for a drink to pair it up with kebabs in the next even out, these ideas should help:-

A General Rule for Food and Beer Pairing

The taste of beer varies from light to dark and strong beer. This variation helps to pair it with grilled foods like kebabs as it brings out the different flavours. Generally, heavy drinks are paired with heavy meals and lighter drinks with light meals. Also, bitter food items should be paired with beers that have bitter and sweet tasting. But, how wants to follow the rules? As long as you are okay with the flavours and taste, you could drink any beer or wine with kebabs. There’s no right or wrong beer to drink with a juicy kebab.

Spicy Marinades and Pilsner

Marinades work well with pork, lamb, beef, and chicken. When it is served with chilled pilsner gives a different taste to the beer. However, the pilsner taste and colour differ according to the region it has been made. While the European style has a sweet taste, German style tastes bitter and Czech style has lighter flavour.

IPA (Indian Pale Ale)

IPA can be paired with any grilled foods. The oil of the grilled food can be reduced by the hoppy taste of the ale. There are a wide range of IPA, including American-style IPA, Double or Imperial IPA, English-style IPA, and others. Pick any one that suits your taste.

Black Beer

This one of the dark lagers, and it has a hoppy bitterness and often found in dry taste. This type of beer goes well with lamb as it offers a good balance of taste.


Stout is a dark beer that has dry and sweet flavours. Also, you could taste the burnt flavours. On the other hand, Hefeweizen is a wheat beer variety that has a fruity and sweet flavour. Grilled pork with these type of beers makes a great combination.

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