Bill Changer Machine – How Safe Are They


Vending machines are nothing new to Americans. These machines are found everywhere in the country on public streets, offices, shopping malls, and every other form of business and gathering place. One such valuable innovation is a bill change machine. While coins are easy for automated machines due to their different sizes and weights, bill changing machines are completely different.

So, How Safe is a Bill Changer Machine?

A good bill changer has to work with all sorts of bills, right from crisp new ones to old ones, and everything in-between. More importantly, it has to be clever enough on differentiating real bills from fake ones. The bill changer should also identify the denomination of the bill and provide the coins accordingly. So, to accomplish these tasks, the dollar bill change machines should use a variety of technologies. Most bill changer machines use a range of techniques.

Most bill changer machines are made with cameras or photocells programmed to analyze and recognize the visual markings of various bills. As the lights illuminate the bill, the tiny cameras inspect the bill and even identify the subtle markers on the dollar bill. This is beneficial in many ways, especially if the treasury issues a new bill or design, it’s easy for the manufacture of the machine to program it into their computers and dollar bill change machines. These machines are less susceptible to con artists because counterfeits with magnetic ink wouldn’t fool a computer.

U.S bills are printed with magnetic ink. Therefore, these machines could use magnetic heads to pick up signals from the bills. Areas for the bill would generate signals at a specific frequency, and by detecting the frequency, the machine would validate the bill. Different bills generate different frequencies so that it can help determine the denomination of the given bill.

Most dollar bills have a certain conductivity, and checking for the resistance of a bill can authenticate whether the bill is fake or not. Since inks and papers have different fluorescent properties, it can help differentiate real bills from counterfeit bills.

A good Bill Changer machine will use various techniques to ensure the safety of the coins and the machine. People think that they can insert just half of the bill so that they can jerk them back out while the machine reads and provide the coins equivalent to the bills inserted. But, these machines are smart and designed to combat vandalism, burglary, and tampering.

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