Choosing the right bridal makeup artist Sydney for the aisle

There’s plenty of things to keep in mind when a wedding is in the works, especially from the bride’s part. Aside from catering, venue booking, fitting and event schedules, there’s a list of people the pair have to get through, but there’s a special spot for the ones that help finish the look.

Like with every service once should consider, seeking out the right wedding makeup artist Sydney has requires a little more than just liking their style and work methods. There’s the need for communication, connection, and trust between the pair and makeup artist.

So here’s a few tips to know how to find the right makeup artist for the most desired wedding. Just by a couple key questions and things to consider, then anyone can find and book the right artist to handle wedding makeup Sydney.

Picking out the right one, the right way

It’s best to pick a talented and professional makeup artist the pair can connect with and can trust, that itself is a given but even more is knowing that the wedding makeup artist Sydney chosen will be there on the morning of the special day which is sure to be full of nerves and excitement.

There’ll be a need to be comfortable with the makeup artist and they should fit in seamlessly, like an extension of the bridal party.

Find bridal makeup styles that match the wedding theme and motif

Always start off with the research. Many wedding makeup Sydney artists have a variety of styles of doing their craft, but for that special day it’s the couple’s choice that matters. Going through Google, scrolling through Pinterest, or simply taking inspiration anywhere is the best first step to finding the right makeup artist for the job.

It’s after a vision has been picked out, only then can we properly find the one to bring it to life.

Find makeup artists nearby

Now with the planning done, it’s time to be practical. Looking for the best bridal makeup artist Sydney is no easy task. Start by searching around the area near the venue, ask around and get contacts before looking up websites and social media profiles. Any previous work they’ve done is a good reference especially if they’ve had a good hand in doing wedding makeup.

For certain, their portfolio will show their experience handling wedding makeup Sydney events.

Read the reviews

This goes hand in hand with finding nearby makeup artists. When brides feel like they’ve chosen the right wedding makeup artist Sydney has and take the time after their wedding to thank them, one will know that they have done a great job based on the reviews soon after.

Testimonials, review pages, or even word of mouth says the most about how one works and gains results and this is the same for makeup artists. So it’s a good place to evaluate choices.

Create a list and reach out

After running down the choices, a list helps keep track of them as one goes through and reaches out. Asking for availability, pricing, schedule, and whatever questions come to mind to see whether they would be a good fit. Running through the list before making a final decision will pay tenfold during that day.

As one goes through to organise and seek out the best choice of a bridal makeup artist Sydney has for their day, there’s a guarantee to find someone that matches with the party and whose style and vision matches with the vision.

The author is an experienced makeup artist; she has an array of experience in all areas of Makeup. She is a famous bridal makeup artist in Sydney. To learn more please visit

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