Hazardous gas emissions are prevalent in various industries and applications. It’s every facility owners’ responsibility to ensure the safety of their workforce. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to create safety protocols and follow the policies to avoid workplace accidents. In fact, industries with a high risk of emission of dangerous gases and fire should invest in life-saving equipment like gas detectors.

Suitable for industrial applications, gas detecting equipment can ensure the health and safety of workers and the working environment. Also, it’s vital to comply with workplace safety standards. Failing to adhere to the government rules can lead to cancellation of license, penalty, and other legal issues.

With so many gas detection technology and instrumentation available, choosing the right one can be quite tricky. Don’t fret. This guide will help determine the right gas monitors for your industry:-

Monitor the Right Gases

If you’re looking for a gas monitor, there are probably potential gas hazards in your environment. Hence, the gas monitor you choose should be able to detect the poisonous gases present in your workplace. Although no monitor that can detect all types of gases, a personal multi-gas monitor is an ideal choice.

Measuring Ranges

Make sure the measuring ranges matches your PPE requirements. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health recommends different levels of PPE depending on the potential hazard exposure. The gas monitors should be able to detect the level of gas present in the environment in accordance with the NIOSH guidelines for PPE.


If you’re using the gas detector for personal monitoring, then it’s not a big deal. However, if you’re working in dangerous places and want to conduct remote sampling or need a multi-tasking monitor, you must plan ahead. The monitor you choose should be flexible enough to suit every type of application.


Seamless peer to peer connectivity links nearby gas monitors to automatically share readings, alarms, man-down alarms, evacuation, and much more. Instead of guessing what to do when a gas monitor starts to alarm, the connectivity in detectors will ensure that you will get the information at the right time so that you can act fast and make informed decisions.

Easy to Maintain

When time is limited and critical repairs occur, it’s not uncommon for routine gas detector maintenance to be postponed. But, portable gas detectors should be maintained well to ensure the efficiency of the equipment and the safety of your workers and property.

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