Cleaning Pet Stains From Carpet – Does it Need More Than DIY?


“Does your carpet need more than DIY pet stain removal?” This is one of the most common questions among people if they are looking for a way to remove a pet stain from the carpet. The short answer from experts is, “YES,” your carpet needs more than DIY pet stain removal. It is essential to hire professionals for carpet cleaning Sutherland Shire. Are you a do-it-yourselfer who loves to handle challenging tasks and wish to see the satisfying final result? Your motive is good, but this won’t work in some projects.

One of the projects that you shouldn’t just take on yourself is, cleaning pet stains from carpet! This seems like you can finish up easily, but it ends up the smell cover your carpet and sometimes even cause carpet damage. But, by hiring carpet cleaner Sutherland Shire, you can make sure your carpet look and smell new. With their good knowledge, training, and tools, they will certainly help you clean them up without any mess.

Why it’s Hard To Remove Pet Stains and Odours On Your Own?

Reason 1:

DIY methods increase the risk of mould and mildew growth.

Reason 2:

It requires too much water if done by yourself, but you should not use too much cleaning solutions and moisture in the cleaning process. This is because, it deposits dirt-attracting residue to your carpet fibres.

Reason 3:

The solutions (such as vinegar or hydrogen peroxide) you use to clean the carpet won’t effectively remove odour crystals, ending up discolouring and fading your carpet.

Reason 4:

Many carpet cleaning solutions will be harmful to pets and children. If you have pets or children in the home, it’s important to use non-toxic cleaning solutions. And the solution you prepare won’t work since it doesn’t have a professional touch.

Reason 5:

With the professional tools, and technicians, only professional pet urine removal treatment can permanently remove pet stains and odours.

Reason 6:

No matter what stain removal method you follow, you can’t completely eliminate odours at the source of your carpet.

Reason 7:

Even after the stain dries, the potent, odour-filled crystals that left behind in your carpet will continue to release odour. Do-It-Yourself methods can remove visible surface stains, but not the invisible stains and pet odours. As you know, the urine seeps deeper into the backing and padding underneath.

Reason 8: If carpet cleaning not done properly, you can actually make the problem worse.

Final Words

When cleaning up pet stains, it’s crucial to use the right method with professional training. If not, the problem could end up much worse. So, it is necessary to avoid DIY carpet cleaning and hire professionals who are experts in carpet cleaning services Sutherland Shire.

The author of this article is an expert in carpet cleaning Sutherland Shire. In this article, he discusses why professional pet urine removal treatment is a must. To learn more, visit

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