Cloud Hosted PBX: How It Makes Your Business More Flexible

In recent years, more and more businesses are making the switch to cloud private branch exchange (PBX) systems. They have been the top choice especially for small businesses as it gives them a dependable telephone system packed with useful tools and features. Just imagine enjoying all these important benefits but without the need to install and maintain any equipment. Let’s take a closer look at how such a cloud based phone system for small business can eventually lead to success by providing greater flexibility.

More features mean more flexibility

Nowadays, working environments have become nontraditional. This significant change has resulted in the need for businesses to be more flexible than ever. The capacity to be reachable anytime and anywhere has become the top priority for more and more businesses.

cloud hosted PBX system is never short of advantages especially in terms of flexibility and features. As long as there is a stable Internet connectivity, it can allow business to be made via a computer or a smartphone. Agents can now tailor the phone settings to suit all their different needs. For instance, phone calls can now be routed to their computers, desk phones or mobile phones. Other features could include vendor services integration, call recording, voicemail transcription and texting.

Important features to look for in a cloud-based pbx system

When selecting a cloud based business phone system, you can choose the best by going for the one that offers the greatest flexibility to your business. Features like online management is important because it allows your or your administrators to add users, create ring groups and assign telephone numbers. Through an online portal, they can also provide monthly statements, review call reports and make other important phone system changes.

Call queueing is another important feature that any small business should consider when looking for a cloud pbx system. It offers tremendous flexibility by managing the arrival of calls. Callers are basically placed on hold or in a line until an available agent is ready to take the calls.

A good cloud based phone system for small business should also have a voicemail-to-email capability. This feature is good to have because it allows you to send audio files and voicemail message transcriptions to the agent’s inbox. Another one is instant messaging. This offers greater flexibility by allowing an agent to send messages online to their coworkers.

Your business can be more flexible if your new system can also make unlimited calls, has capped packages or other flexible incentives compared with traditional phone systems.

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