Common Causes of Cracking Paint


A fresh coat of paint is one of the most economical and foolproof options for transforming a house’s look and feel. That said, when a home painting job isn’t done properly, it can have serious impacts, including peeling, bubbling, and cracking paint that ruins the aesthetic appearance of your house. In addition, paint quality, poorly prepared walls, and bad paint jobs are also responsible for such effects.

Recently, DIY painting has become popular. Many house owners opt for DIY painting to save costs. But, the fact is, the chances are high that DIY painting job can go wrong and it would become a costlier affair to get it fixed and achieve the desired results. Knowing the most common causes of paint crack can help you make informed decisions the next time when you repaint your property.

Painting over Wet Walls

According to leading house painters in Edgecliff, painting over a wet or dirty walls is one of the significant causes of blistering or bubbling or cracking paint. Ensure that you are working on a well cleaned and drywall. Often, homeowners tend to skip the process of cleaning the walls before painting due to lack of time or being unaware of the importance of cleaning the paint surface. Dust, dirt, grime, and contaminants on the paint surface will not allow the paint to stick properly, causing bubbling. Also, it’s advisable to wait for the right weather condition as well. Painting on a hot and wet wall can result in cracking, bubbling, and blistering of the paint.

Poor Painting Techniques

Using the right amount of paint and painting techniques is the key to a successful painting job. If too much or little paint is applied, then paint can start to crack easily and quickly over time. It could be frustrating to see cracking paint within a few months of painting job. You wouldn’t want to spend money on a painting job only to find it’s a big failure. The life expectancy of a well-painted job is 5-8years. It’s a good idea to work with Painters Edgecliff to make the most of your painting job and avoid paint problems in the future.

Environmental Factors

This is one of the significant reasons for cracking or peeling paint. Once the paint starts to bubble, it has the potential to crack quickly. This is caused by the presence of moisture, heat, or both.

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