Do I Need A Root Canal? Signs You Need To Watch Out For


In most cases, tooth decay can be prevented if caught and treated early. But, many tend to avoid or overlook the symptoms of decaying teeth for various reasons, including lack of information and dental fear. However, when a decaying tooth is left untreated, it needs to be treated to save the tooth. Dental filling and root canal are the two options to save the decaying tooth in the early stages of cavities. But, when the bacteria affect the root and destroys the tooth completely, extraction is the only option to save the surrounding teeth and reduce pain and inflammation.

When your dentist Epping recommend root canal treatment, you’ll be wondering whether you need it or not. While your dentist is the right person to determine the best course of treatment option, there are certain signs that indicate a root canal is the only option to save your decaying tooth.

Common Signs Indicating You’ll Need Root Canal Treatment

Gum Area Is Swollen

This is one of the major signs that you need root canal treatment. If your gums are swollen and painful or have a raised bump that’s reddish, a root canal is required to solve the problem of inflamed gums if the condition doesn’t improve over time.

Persistent Pain

Severe pain is one of the significant signs indicating that something is wrong with the root of your tooth. If you find it difficult to eat, drink, bite, chew, or open your mouth and feeling pain when doing these activities, probably the tooth is severely decayed and you should see your dentist Epping NSW as early as possible.

At this stage, it’s possible to save the tooth through a root canal procedure. However, there’s a high chance that your tooth is completely affected, and you might need extraction to prevent the infection from spreading to other parts of your teeth.

Your dentist will examine your tooth to check if blood vessels and nerves have been affected and suggest the right treatment option.

Sensitivity to Hot or Cold

It is one of the common signs that you might need a root canal. If you feel a sharp pain when you drink or eat something cold or hot, probably your tooth is infected and decaying. Your dentist might suggest filling or a tooth canal to fix the problem.

If you experience any of these symptoms or suspect that you have any Epping dental issues, please schedule an appointment with our dentist.

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