Dog Bite Compensation Claims – What You Ought to Know?


Did you know the number of dog attack incidents reported to the Local Government council in the first quarter of 2020/21 is 1021? Suffering a dog bite is traumatic. The type of dog bite injuries varies from a scrape to severe impairment in the most extreme cases. If you are injured by a dog bite, you are entitled to claim compensation from the dog owner under personal injury and public liability claims. Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Perth helps you in receiving compensation that regains control over your life. No matter whether you are attacked by a contained dog or when passing by an uncontained dog, the best personal injury lawyers in Perth will give you advice on your rights and helps you claim full compensation.

Type of Dog Bite Injuries

The common types of dog bite injuries are scarring, skin infections, emotional distress, nerve damage, puncture wounds, bruising, permanent damage to tissues, torn or damaged clothing, and more. A dog owner is considered liable for the injuries caused if the injury was caused by their dog and for the injuries caused when the victim is in a public place or lawfully on private property. The owner is liable for the damage as long as the victim wasn’t trespassing.

Seek Medical Attention

When you are suffering a dog bite, get proper medical treatment for the injuries you have sustained. Suffering a dog bite can be stressful, and most of the victims miss work due to the injury, leading to unpaid medical bills and financial stress. So, seeking medical attention immediately after the bite is crucial so that you can claim negligence under public liability throughout Australia. Talk to your personal injury lawyer in Perth to evaluate your eligibility and options.

What Does a Dog Bite Injury Claim Cover?

You can claim for all the physical and emotional injuries and financial losses that occur as a result of a dog bite. This includes medical and rehabilitation expense, loss of income, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment, nursing assistance, and more. Your personal injury lawyer will help you with what exactly you can claim while making a dog bite injury claim.

Who Is at Fault?

Determining fault in a dog bite depends on several factors. Here we’ve listed a few actions to take into account to determine who is at fault for the injury.

The Injured Party

The following actions put an injured person at risk for the cause of the injury.

-The person intentionally made the dog aggressive by teasing him

-The person provoked the dog beyond the owner’s control

-The victim physically harmed the dog

-The injured person entered the private property without an invitation.

The Dog Owner

The dog owner is made liable for the following actions.

-No warning sign of the dog

-He lost control of the dog

-The dog wasn’t on leash in a public place

-The dog owner had a breed that’s harmful to others

Does a dog attack you? You are eligible for compensation depending on the injuries under personal injury and public liability law. Talk to your personal injury or criminal injury lawyers in Perth for more information.

The author of this article is a leading personal injury lawyer in Perth with over a decade of experience in practising law. In this article, he explains about dog bite compensation claim. Visit for more details.

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