Early Childhood Centre at Five Dock to Help Ease Child Separation Anxiety

Choosing child care is not that easy as not all child care Five Dock centre is suitable for all children. So parents are looking for better childcare since they believe that they will have a big influence on their child’s upbringing and well-being.

Child care Five Dock centres have become a necessity for Australian families as most of the parents are working. Either single mum or single dad and maybe both parents are working to support their family needs.

For the parent, one of the hardest things to do is to leave their child at a daycare centre as they might feel abandoned or might experience separation anxiety.

Let’s check out some tips for dealing with separation anxiety. It can help both you as a parent and your child to have a smooth process of transitioning between home and to day care Five Dock centre.

How to Ease Child Care Separation Anxiety

-Let your kids meet the teacher before daycare starts

-Stay calm and don’t linger

-Create a quick goodbye routine

-Remind your child that you will be back to get to him/her

-Keep your promises to your child

-Consistency is the key

Of course, as a parent, you want to make sure that your child is safe physically, emotionally and mentally. So you want to know the duties and responsibilities of a child care Five Dock centre too.

Duties and Responsibilities of Child Care

We know that the primary function of a day care Five Dock centre or any other child care centre is to provide a safe and secure environment. Parents for sure will have peace of mind if they know that their child is with quality caregivers that assure the safety of their kids when they are at work. Here are some duties and responsibilities of the child care or Five Dock early childhood centre.

-They provide nutritious meals

-They care for and nurture children while parents are at work

-They supervise children before and after school

-They bathe, dress and feed kids

-They supervise children when they’re playing

-Comfort children when they’re crying

-They organise activities and implement curricula for children’s intellectual, emotional and physical growth

Day care Five Dock can provide a lot of benefits to your little ones. Let’s just provide you with the top 7 benefits of child care.

-Academic advancement

-Behavioural improvement

-Stronger immune system

-Develop social interaction

-Transition to grade school would be easier

-Increase parent involvement

-Improve language development


Yes, it’s not easy when we tried to leave our kids in a daycare centre as your child might experience separation anxiety. However, with proper transition, kids will get used to it. Eventually, you will see that Five Dock early childhood centre helps working parents have a great work-life balance.

As working parents, enrolling their child at daycare centres like Five Dock early childhood centre is a great decision for children and themselves.

The author of this article has been working in a day care for more than 5 years. In this article, the author explains how early childhood centre at Five Dock helps ease child separation anxiety. Visit https://sunshineelc.com.au for more details.

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