Everything You Need To Know About Bill Changer Machines


bill changer machine is an innovative device that’s used to exchange one form of money for another. Typically used for paper currency for coins. A few years ago, you must have exact change to use a bill changer vending machine. Today, bill changer machines have come a long way and accept paper money, coins, and even credit cards. Also, these machines can give back change in the form of bills and coins.

How do these machines know the difference between a five and one-dollar bill? Read on to find out:-

How Does Bill Change Machine Work?

Bill changing machines that accept bills identify bills through optical scanning. The miniature digital camera or photocells use images of the bills inserted and look for patterns that determine the particular bill. For example, one-dollar bills usually contain fluorescent ink that glows when ultraviolet shine on it. Whereas other vending machines use ultraviolet scanners to measure the glow of a bill and determine whether it is real or not. However, if you’re worried about the duplications of dollars, you don’t have to fret. Many Bill Changer machines use a magnetic reader to detect the magnetic signature of the bill to ensure whether it’s real or not and find out the denomination.

There are bill changer machines with devices that measure bills to ensure they’re exactly the same size. Some machines even pass electrical current through the bill to verify if the bill is real or not. With these safety features, bill changing machines are a useful addition to any organisation.

When the sensors detect the type of bill that is inserted into it, it passes information to the micro-processor. The processor then sends commands to coin hoppers to dispense the right amount of coins for the bills. Similar devices were used in coin-operated amusement and gaming devices. Later on, it is evolved into intelligent machines that could dispense coins quickly without a cashier.

Coins are identified and verified mostly based on their physical properties. Even though the latest machine has some advanced technologies that allow to find out the chemical composition of coins, most bill changer machines available just compare the physical properties of coins, including thickness, diameter, and the number of ridges on edge.

Latest bill changers have advanced features such as accepting orders without being touched, and using motion recognition devices to interpret hand signals that’s used to indicate the products they want.

As you see, bill changers are a valuable addition to your organisation. If you’re looking for robust bill changers with advanced features, we have got you covered. Please get in touch with our team.

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