Expert Tips to Choose the Right Rug for Your Kid’s Room


Although installing carpeting on hardwood floors may appear to be a safe, soft, and pleasant solution, it is not the ideal choice for children’s bedroom. Given how much traffic a kid’s room carpet sees, it’ll almost certainly have layers of fine dust and filth trapped in it. An area rug, on the other hand, is great for a child’s room since it’s easy to keep clean, warm, and visually appealing, and it provides a comfy environment for your child to crawl, craft, play, or simply read or listen to a tale. Here are a few things to think about when buying kids bedroom rugs:

Placement and Purpose

We all know why rugs are so important, but it’s critical to understand why you want to place one in your child’s bedroom. Is it to create a barrier between siblings in a shared room? Is it to create a play or activity area for your child or to give an accent or focal point to a space with scattered furniture?

You’ll know where to put the kids room rugs once you’ve answered these questions. Use the kids rugs to connect and anchor the pieces in a space with a lot of kids bedroom furniture. Make sure the most dominating pieces of furniture, such as the bed, study table, or cradle, overlap the rug’s margins by a few inches for safety and visual harmony.

Texture and Material

The fabric and method of manufacture are far more essential than you might realise when it comes to area rugs for kid’s room. The best nursery area rugs are those that are long-lasting, simple to clean and healthy for your kids. Rug pads are advisable for hardwood floors, according to the experts.

Dimensions and Form

Measure the relevant area and consider the size and form that will look best once you know the material of your rug and where it will go. A large rectangular rug works well if you want to cover the majority of the space. A smaller circular rug, on the other hand, will work well as an exquisite accent piece.

Patterns and colours

An area rug for kids can either go in with the rest of the room’s decor or stand out. If your child’s room already has a lot of designs, a solid colour rug will help to balance things out and provide visual relief. Patterned area rugs may provide a dynamic touch to a home with neutral tints or solid colours.

While there are numerous kids room decoration ideas to choose from to make your child’s den more fascinating and engaging, an area rug is a great place to start. You’ll realize how a simple area rug could affect the entire tone and ambiance of a room once you’ve considered these four basic steps.

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