Factors to Consider For Hardwood Floor Refinishing


Bringing your hardwood floors back to life is quite fulfilling. Whether you have gorgeous hardwood floors that have been hidden behind carpet for years or hardwood floors that you’ve owned and enjoyed for years, exposing and refinishing them can give your home a new lease on life. Because of its capacity to be refinished, hardwood flooring in Overland Park KS has endured the experiment time, both stylistically and physically.

Different types of finishes:

For your floors, there are three different finishes to pick from.

– Polyurethane can be either oil or water based. Polyurethane has a plastic-like finish with different degrees of shine. Over time, it can discolor or yellow the wood; however some new coatings have less of an impact.

– Varnish has a matte-to-shiny finish. Varnish is available in a variety of sheens, with the higher sheen being the most durable. It darkens with age, albeit at a slower rate than polyurethane, and may be spot repaired.

– Penetrating Sealer, a natural-looking finish that highlights the wood’s natural grain. Penetrating sealer might darken with time, but it offers excellent protection, especially when waxed.

Consider hiring a pro

Although DIY hardwood floor refinishing in Overland Park KS may appear to be a more cost-effective option, hardwood floors are tough and time-consuming to refinish. The tiniest misstep can spoil the end, and you’ll have to start over from the beginning. Buffing too hard thins or unevenly buffs the floors; sanding wrongly shows up in the finish; and using too much finish causes pooling and discoloration. You can certainly do it yourself, but consider your options, time, and ability level before deciding whether or not to employ a professional.

Your Floor’s Lifespan

Hardwood has a lifespan equal to that of its style, which you may not realize. A decent wood floor can last for up to 100 years, or ten refinishing. A laminate, on the other hand, can only be refinished once.

You won’t need to sand

You can save time and money by just scuff-sanding with a buffer and applying a coat or two of finish if your wood finish is slightly scratched and the wear does not reach the real wood.

Time Limit

To avoid moisture absorption into the wood, seal the floors the same day you sanded them. You need to plan on finishing your hardwood floor refinishing Overland Park KS project in one day, depending on the drying time between the finishes. After that, wait 24 hours for the seal to dry completely before returning everything to the room.

The Enemy is Oil

Unfortunately, a room that has been cleaned or waxed with an oil-based soap cannot be buff. You’ll need to use ammonia and water mixture or an industrial cleaner to remove it first. By sanding and adding a small amount of finish to a corner of the room, you may check for oil. You’re fine to go if it sets.


Keep a bag of sawdust from sanding if your floor has been extorted or has distended nails that you’ve hammered back in. You can use this to build a putty to fill in the damage that will match the rest of your floor once it’s finished.

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