Falsely Accused? Here’s What You Need to Do


There’s nothing worse than facing criminal charges and being found guilty for a crime you didn’t commit. Sadly, false accusations and wrongful convictions happen frequently. That said, you can fight your unfair charges and resolves things with the right legal strategies. This’s when the assistance of criminal lawyers in Sydney is invaluable. An experienced lawyer could be able to help you fight false charges against you and make sure your rights are protected.

So, what should you do if you are wrongfully accused of a criminal offence?

Remain Silent

If you are falsely accused of a crime that you didn’t commit and have been arrested, it’s essential to follow certain protocols so that you don’t make the course even worse. You must remain silent and shouldn’t answer any questions involved in the actual crime interrogation done by the police.

You wouldn’t want to give evidence, and answering questions can reduce your chances of proving that you’re innocent. Remember, police have some agenda, and they follow it. They might seem to be on your side. But, the truth is they will be trying to frame and look for the right statements from you by twisting your answers to build a strong case against you. The best thing you can do is to say nothing, be respectful, and remain calm.

Hire a Criminal Lawyer

There’s a common misconception among defendants that they don’t need a lawyer as they think their innocence is obvious, or getting a lawyer might make them look guilty. Unfortunately, this’s not the truth. The innocents need the assistance of criminal solicitors Sydney than the individuals who’re found guilty, especially during the interrogation and early investigation. You need to ensure your lawyer protects your rights and forces the police to continue the investigation until the truth is revealed. Otherwise, the court might never know what happened exactly. So, please approach reputed criminal law firms Sydney to fight for your case.

Gather Evidence in Your Favour

Do you think you can prove that you’re innocent? Could you be able to collect the evidence? Gather all and show it to your lawyer. Your lawyer knows how to use the evidence to fight for your case and present it to the police and in court. That said, never destroy the evidence as it might project you in a bad light if found. If you’re really innocent, proof can help fight your case, and you don’t have to worry about it.

Don’t Contact the Victim

If you’re charged because of the witness or victim, please don’t try and talk to them. It might seem to be a good idea so that you can work things out without any legal help. But, remember, this type of conversation can complicate your case and make it worse as it will seem like you are manipulating the witness.

Need a criminal lawyer to fight your false allegations? We can help you. Please get in touch with our team.

The author is one of the criminal lawyers in Sydney. Along with the team of professionals, he helps clients effectively navigate the legal system and achieve the best possible outcome for their circumstances. Visit https://powerhouselaw.sydney/ for more details.

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