Five Important Wedding Details to Remember When Planning Your Big Day

Weddings are huge events proven by the fact that the wedding industry is doing well despite the 2020 pandemic. Weddings have become a necessity for some couples which is why it should be perfect. There are a lot of factors to consider when planning a wedding. Some of it is more important than others, but all of it is relevant to the event.

Appearance of the bride and groom

Lucky people only get married once. Which is why how you look is very important. Your faces on your wedding day will be crystalised in pictures for as long as people can remember.

Australian weddings typically cost around $36,000. This often includes professional bridal makeup Sydney services or the best makeup artist Sydney can offer. Choosing the best bridal makeup artist Sydney agency is the key to having a memorable wedding.


There are a lot of great places to get married in Australia. Just in Sydney, places like the Deckhouse, Loxley on Bellbird Hill, and Centennial Vineyards are common choices. However, a more personal and private place might suit you and your partner’s lifestyle. When choosing the location, one thing you should consider is whether or not you’d be happy to look back and remember the best day of your life in that space. On top of that, it is also important to consider if the location is reachable to the best makeup artist Sydney or the best bridal makeup artist Sydney who will accompany you on your special day.


It’s not unheard of to set a theme for parties, and now people are doing that for weddings. Common choices can range from white themed wedding, wedding on the beach, to tuxedo wedding. When it comes to the theme, you do not have to conform to the norms. Themes are supposed to be there to make your wedding more personal and reflect you and your partner’s personality. Just make sure that at the start of planning the theme, you coordinate this with your bridal makeup Sydney artist so he or she can conceptualise the best look for you on that day. If you have not hired an artist yet, it is also best to consider tying up with the leading bridal makeup artist Sydney company as they employ a lot of experts for this event.

Guest list

One of the reasons why wedding planning becomes hard is because we tend to limit the guests that we’re allowed to invite due to two reasons: financial constraint, or space constraint. When you struggle because of this, remember that this wedding is about you. This is your day. Choose the people most important to you. Also remember to count in the list the people who will help you be at your best on your day: the bridal makeup Sydney artist or the best makeup artist Sydney, the wedding planner and the caterer.

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