Fried Chicken – Aussie’s Favourite Delicacy


Who doesn’t like to eat those golden fried, crispy, and juicy fried chicken cooked at the right temperature? Well, every bite is heaven! The chicken dipped into hot oil until golden brown is one of Aussies’ best go-to comfort foods.

Nearly every culture has its own version of fried chicken. Australians have their own version of fried chicken and other delicacies based on chicken popular across the country. They’re basically spicy chicken with a crispy-crunchy coating that is irresistible. You can’t just stop at one or two or three when dining at the chicken shop Castle Hill. In fact, Australia has some of the highest food standards globally, so the freshness and quality of our produces are much better than what you get in other parts of the world. So, what’s special about this fried chicken Castle Hill?


The crunchiness is probably one of the major reasons why Fried chicken is popular among all age groups. In fact, the sizzling sound of crispy fried chicken tends to be a hidden reason behind its popularity and taste. It’s a forgotten flavour sense that helps to boost the multisensory expedience of chicken, boosting its aroma and flavour used for marination. The way the food is cooked, its sound, aroma, and texture can all help the brain to accentuate the textural and flavours of a food, including fried chicken. In short, crunchiness and crispiness is shown to be correlated with how delicious food is considered by the eaters.


Fried chicken tastes good because it’s formulated to taste good. Different herbs, spices, and various ingredients are infused into the chicken by marinating the pieces to bring out the aroma and flavours when frying and eating. You can taste a sweet, salty, and savouriness when biting a fried chicken. That’s the secret of fried chicken’s popularity and taste. Our mouth craves those flavours, which makes every Aussie go back for more fried Castle Hill chicken.

Fresh Chicken

This is probably one of the significant reasons why fried chicken is popular across the nation. Most restaurants are committed to using only fresh and quality ingredients. Their chicken is fresh but not frozen. Compared to frozen ones, fresh chicken can absorb the flavours used for marination, making it delicious.


Fried chicken is comfortable to eat and affordable as well. A two-piece chicken combo wouldn’t cost you more than 6$. Who doesn’t want to save money? When you get your favourite to crave comfort food at an affordable price, who wouldn’t want to grab the offer?

Indeed, fried chicken is a finger-licking delicacy that satisfies our cravings. Just make sure to choose the right restaurant or chicken shop in Castel Hill to enjoy this delicacy.

The author is a blogger and chef working one of the best restaurants in Castle Hill – Wishbone Rotisserie. It is a family owned restaurant that provides juicy, delicious, fried chicken and burgers along with salads. Visit for more details about chicken Castle Hill.

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