Guide for Buying Rugs for Your Bedroom


We’ve practically become comfortable to buy rugs online. The shutdown has just pushed us farther in the direction of “E-tail” therapy, which appears to be a trend that is here to stay. While it is very easy to buy food and fashion items online, purchasing something as intricate and tactile as a handmade rug can be difficult.

We’re here to walk you through some fundamental recommendations for buying rugs online to save you time and prevent making a rash decision. We guarantee that if you follow these recommendations on how to buy rugs online, you will make the best decision possible.

Determine the rug’s exact dimensions.

Once you’ve selected where you want your rug to go, take accurate measurements. This will be vital in determining the size of rug you require. Rugs can be used in three different ways in a living room:

-All of the furniture legs are on the rug

-Front leg of Furniture on the Rug

-No furniture legs on the rug

Selecting the Best Material

Natural and synthetic materials are used to make rugs. When buying rugs online, it’s crucial to know a little about them so you can make the best decision for your room.


It has long been the most popular and traditional material for rugs. It’s long-lasting, soft, and stain-resistant. This is one of the most popular options for individuals searching for area rugs for high traffic areas and long-term use.


Cotton rugs are one of the most simple to clean and maintain. They are long-lasting and can give your area a unique look and feel. Just stay away from them in high-traffic areas because they tend to wear out quickly.


Lustrous and smooth materials are the most expensive in carpets. Silk rugs, as well as silk and wool carpets, are frequently the most expensive rugs on the market. These rugs are ideal for your living rooms and bedrooms.

Hemp, jute, and sisal

Because these are coarse rugs, don’t expect them to be as soft or as warm as rugs made of other natural materials. They are, nevertheless, ideal for patios and porches.

Silk made from bamboo

This is a fantastic alternative to silk. This bamboo yarn has the same sheen and smoothness as silk and is made from the bamboo plant. It’s a terrific environmentally friendly alternative to silk, yet it has the same effect.

Select the appropriate structure

When shopping rugs online, another crucial element to consider is the rug’s construction type. The most popular rug types are as follows:

Rug that has been hand-knotted

These are woven one knot at a time by the most accomplished carpet weavers utilising old techniques. These carpets are of exceptional quality and are works of art that you may walk on. The number of knots per square inch at the back of the carpet determines the quality of these carpets, which have a flatter pile.

Rug with hand-tufting

A hand-tufted carpet begins as a canvas stretched on a frame, with strands of yarn punched into the canvas with the design traced on it using a tufting tool. The procedure is not as time-consuming or intensive as that of a hand-knotted carpet, and it requires less talent.

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