Here Are A Few Tips for Improving Your Toddler’s Motor Skills


Motor skills are nothing new. Yeah, a child’s daily activity, like brushing getting dressed, using crayons, etc., involves the use of fine motor skills. Of course, babies and toddlers develop motor skills on their own. While some children develop motor skills earlier, others tend to be slow. But, that doesn’t mean that they won’t. Usually, children acquire these skills as early as three months old and continue to learn through Dee why childrens centre and elementary school.

When combined with increasing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills open new doors to learning, exploring, analysing, thinking, and creative expression. Are you struggling to develop motor skills in your child? Don’t worry, we got you some tips:-


There’s no better way to help your kid develop motor skills than play-dough. It’s one of the best ways for kids to explore, experiment, and build their fine motor skills. To make it more fun and interesting, you could involve your child in making play-dough before they play with it. There are umpteen videos on YouTube on how to make homemade play-dough. However, you could use the store bought one as well. Let your child explore and create shapes and be creative.


Picking up and moving puzzle pieces into place helps to develop the fine motor skills of your toddler. Of course, watching or helping your child to assemble the puzzle can be frustrating. Your kid might be impatient, give up easily, lose pieces or throw them. But, if you appreciate and reward them it can make a difference. Engage with and encourage your child as much as you could complete the puzzles which are easier. After returning from Dee why kindergarten, sit with your little one and solve the puzzle together.

Finger Feeding

Instead of feeding, why not let your little one finger feed herself as much as possible? Picking up the food on his/her food will help them develop grasping, which is important for holding a crayon.

Finger Painting

Yeah, you read it right. Don’t worry about the mess. It’s one of the best fun and perfect task for your little one while developing their motor skills. Kid’s paints are safe and washable. Let your child’s finger paint and have fun.


If your child shows interest in colouring, make sure to provide them with crayons that are safe and non-toxic.

As you see, there are many ways to develop motor skills in your child. Look for opportunities throughout the day for your child and let them do it to develop fine motor skills apart from activities that are given at the child care Dee Why

The author is a blogger, and owns Dee why childrens centre. He claims to provide a warm and caring environment where your child can play and learn. For more details, please visit

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