Here’s How to Prepare for Your First Dance Class


Finally, your dream has come true, and you have signed up for your dance class in one of the best Dance Schools in Limassol. Probably you are wondering about your first lesson, aren’t you? You are excited as well as overwhelmed. Well, you’re not alone. It’s okay to be anxious at the first dance class. Eventually, you’ll love to attend your ballet or belly dancing classes over time.

Whether you have signed up for ballet, ballroom, Jazz, salsa or belly dancing, the following are the things you can expect at your first class and tips on how to prepare for it:-

Private or Group Lessons?

Have you decided between private and group lessons? Which one are you planning to take up? Dance classes such as ballet and jazz will have anywhere from 10 to 20 students in the dance room, all learning from one instructor. When you are in the larger group sessions, you can be able to learn in a group setting. That said, in a one-on-one session, you’ll be the only one in the class with an instructor. So, it’s essential to decide on whether to take a private or group sessions before the first of the day class. Do your research before booking your class and choose the one that fits you best.

Be Open to Learning New Things

A lot of new dance moves and techniques will be taught during the sessions all at once. Of course, it might be intimidating and overwhelming at first. But, you have to be ready to learn new things and create an interest on yourself. Don’t ever think that you will never be able to learn the steps. Nobody is born talented. Remember, practice makes the man perfect. Be positive and more importantly, create the interest to learn new techniques and moves. When you are interested and passionate, you’ll be able to dance any step that’s complex and difficult.

Set Your Goals

In any dance class, there will be other dancers with different backgrounds. However, never compare yourself with others. Everybody is unique and their dancing style is different. Set some goals for yourself, and try not to compare your progress with other dancers. Each of us has different learning capabilities and paces. When you set realistic targets and work hard, you’ll be able to shine well at the adult ballet classes.

The first day of the class will be a great experience. Be positive, learn, make friends, and have fun!

The author is an artist who owns a professional academy. Along with the team of professional artists in various arts, he provides comprehensive education in all fields of Art for all generations. Visit for more details about belly dancing classes.

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