Here’s Why You Need to Install Flame Detectors


Early detection is the key to protecting the safety of your workforce and the emergency response personnel. Fire detectors are one of the best innovations to combat the threat of fire in facilities. With Flame Detector, you could reduce property loss, save lives, and downtime of the operation.

Automatic fire detectors flame and gas detectors have a good record of performance and are effective in reducing deaths and property damage. In fact, they act as crucial elements of security systems, ensuring the safety of people and assets, especially in confined spaces. Here are a few valuable reasons to install fire detectors in your facility:-

Keep You Code-Compliant

The Building Code of Australia regulations requires the commercial property owners to have complaint fire detectors and sensors installed. The regulations have been developed to ensure the safety of occupants and property. Failure to comply with the regulations can result in legal consequences and a hefty fine. You may also need to face a lawsuit due to the negligent maintenance of fire detectors.

Perimeter Protection

In most plants and refineries, it is essential to ensure the perimeter of the facility is closely monitored for signs of hazardous gases and vapours that might threaten other areas of the plant or the nearby surfaces. To ensure the permitter is safe and secured, and monitor round the clock, flame detection equipment must be installed so that you can identify the harmful gases and other substances that are flammable even from a long distance. With a reliable gas or flame detector, you can protect your facility and ensure your team is safe and reduce the chances of uncontained fires that lead to fatal damages, including death and property damage.

Avoid Smoke Inhalation

Smoke inhalation is one of the major causes of death related to fires than the flames and heat. A range of combined particles, including gases, chemicals, and the smoke can cause skin and mucous membrane irritation, respiratory distress, swelling, and airway collapse. Without immediate help, smoke inhalation can lead to suffocation and death. A fire detector can protect your facility and workforce against harmful exposure to flammable chemicals such as ammonia, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, and other hazardous substances.

As you see, flame detectors act as the first line of defence in preventing dangerous fires and fatal deaths caused by uncontained fire. There are a wide range of flame detection equipment available, providing the durability needed for the continual safety of your facility. If you are into the oil and gas or mine industry, never hesitate to protect your facility. Get in touch with our team for further queries on flame detectors.

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