How Can Early Childhood Education Help Your Child Perform Well In School?


The importance of early childhood education is a never-ending debate. While some people agree that ECE helps a child in many ways, others oppose it. But, several studies reveal that potential learning differences between children who reaped the benefits of early childhood education offered at the child care centres Dee Why and those who haven’t. Needless to say, this is one of the topics that’s discussed more. Studies show that investing in early childhood education improves not only cognitive skills but also critical behavioural traits, decision-making skills, sociability, self-esteem, and motivation.

Still not convinced? Here is how your child will be benefited by attending ECE provided at the day care Dee Why:-

Foundation for learning socially and academically

Today’s kids are not like us. Yeah, they are very sharp and smart! They can get things around them quickly, learn smartly, and try to implement what they have learnt into their life. Early childhood education lays a foundation for learning academically as well as for their life. The playschool teachers are well trained, and they provide a range of activities and games that help children acquire necessary social and academic skills. The whole concept of early childhood programs is all about learning through playing.

Prepare your kid for school

ECE focuses on developing pre-math and pre-literacy skills that help your child in academics and further. A high-quality early childhood education centre will provide a nurturing environment where your child can learn, thrive, and play. In fact, early childhood education programs are designed with the concept of learning through play. Learning will be not a hassle for your child as they tend to learn everything by playing and having fun during the classes. Though they may find it difficult to cope up with the new setting, children will love to go to preschool in a couple of months.


Teamwork is a basic survival skill for performing well in academics as well as in life. Without teamwork, it’s hard to perform well in school because an individual’s teamwork is based on how well they cooperate with their peers and respect each other ideas. These qualities should be taught at a young age. The ECE program gives activities that are focused on teamwork that help improves their teamwork skills.

Early childhood education can influence a child’s mental, emotional, and physical elements. So, choose the right Dee Why kindergarten and let your children learn all while playing.

The author is a blogger, and owns Dee Why kindergarten. He claims to provide a warm and caring environment where your child can play and learn. For more details, please visit

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