How Can Smart Buildings Help Save Money?


Iot platform is the future, and it is revolutionising the building operations! IOT gives endless possibilities for creating intelligent environments, reducing energy costs, building operation costs, carbon footprint, and boosting productivity.

With building automation and control systems in place, the building as a whole will perform well, and the efficiency can be increased up to 30%. The best part of this is you can boost the performance and efficiency of the building without upgrading existing appliances. Yes, many older buildings can be converted into smart buildings that help to save money in the long run, yet many businesses overlook the importance and advantages of building automation.

If you’ve not yet considered automating your buildings, you’ll want to take a look at the reasons how you can save money:-

Reduced Maintenance Costs

With automated building systems, you can save money on maintenance. When you automate your facility, you’ll have valuable insights into the health of the equipment in your building. This can be done by setting the building management control systems to alert and send you reports when a malfunction or equipment failure occurs. Through preventive maintenance, you can save thousands of dollars on repairs, replacements, and downtime that occurs unexpectedly.

Improve the Longevity of Building Systems

Poor maintenance of the equipment and building is one of the major reasons for increased operating costs and reduced lifespan of the equipment. A well-designed building automation control system will help prolong the life of your building equipment as you’ll be carrying out maintenance as soon as they are due before they fall into a state where it becomes an irreparable condition, requiring replacement.

Save Energy

It is no wonder that building automation control systems provides noticeable savings in energy costs. As the sensors, meters, sub-meters, and other monitoring methods are managed and operated remotely, the facility manager can set the controls that are best for the building based on the needs of the building occupants. Thus, the wastage of energy can be reduced significantly when operated manually.

Improved Productivity

The long-term advantages of BAS aren’t ended with sustainability and reduced building operation costs. It gives the employees control over their working space, boosting happiness, in turn, helps increase productivity. A comfortable place contributes to productivity. In fact, studies show that smart buildings with improved ventilation and good indoor air quality have improved employees’ cognitive performance and made them more productive. Thus, it helps to save money on hiring and training employees.

As you see, smart buildings can help you save money in many ways. If you’re looking to integrate building management systems into your facility, please contact our team.

The author is a blogger and helps to create intelligent environments. He specialises in designing and creating innovative automated building systems. Visit for more details.  

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