How Does a Cloud Phone System Work for Your Business

There is no denying that cloud based phone systems are the future of business. Unlike conventional telephone systems, a cloud phone system is the best option because it costs less and is highly reliable. More importantly, it gives your business a much needed flexibility to operate more efficiently. With all these benefits, it is quite interesting to take a closer look at how an online pbx phone system basically works in order to do wonders for your business.

How does it work?

When using a cloud phone system, the voice in calls is basically broken up into smaller digital packets. These will then be delivered over the Internet as data to the call’s recipient. In order to route the call, a cloud pbx phone system is to complete the process. As long as an Internet connection is available, you will be able to access a cloud phone system.

Different methods to access a cloud-hosted phone system

Dedicated VoIP phone

It looks like a conventional (analog) phone. Instead of a telephone line, this can be directly connected to a computer network via a network socket or WiFi.


Make calls via the Internet using a smartphone. Just as you setup your computer as a phone using either propriety software of your provider, you can download a mobile app to do the same on your mobile device.

A VoIP adapter and conventional phone

This method is slightly more complicated, but the advantage is that you can keep using your traditional phones that you already might have on your desk. You will have to plug the VoIP adapters in between the internet network and the phone. But in general, these adaptors can cost as much as a basic and modern dedicated VoIP phone!


This method is easy and cost-effective. For this one, you can install a softphone program or application on your computer and your smartphone. This will allow you to use the Internet to make voice calls. These apps work like calling via Skype or Whatsapp.

How can softphone apps help your company

To ensure the accessibility and cost-effectiveness of your hosted pbx for small business, a softphone app is the preferred choice over traditional desk phones. This software will enable a business to use computers, tablets or phones to make calls via the Internet. Unlike conventional phones, softphone apps are normally packed with far more useful features.

Benefits of softphones

Softphones play an integral role in a good and reliable online pbx phone system. They are particularly great for small businesses by giving them a number of benefits including lower costs. Using a softphone to make calls, you no longer have to pay for extra maintenance and hardware.

With the help of a softphone system, you can adjust easily whenever your business grows. It is also very flexible to use as it allows your agents to take and make calls from any part of the world using an Internet-enabled device. This is perfect for businesses with frequent travelers, telecommuters and multiple locations. Furthermore, a softphone system is easy to upgrade, easy to use and easy to integrate with CRM platforms and other modes of communication.

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