How does a Criminal Injury Lawyer help you get a Fair Compensation


If you are filing a personal injury claim, you will want to obtain the maximum compensation possible. One of the biggest challenges is getting a fair settlement while you’re trying to fully recover from the injuries. When you have to take care of yourselves, it is not really possible to fully focus on the different aspects of your personal injury claim. Besides, one must have good knowledge and a clear understanding about personal injury law, so as to increase the chances of success. This is why you should hire criminal injury lawyers in Perth. Here’s how an attorney will help you get a fair compensation for your claim:

They assist in gathering strong evidence:

The success of your case and the amount of compensation is dependent on the evidence you present. Expert lawyers always suggest that you take photos of the incident and the injuries if possible. They will also attempt to gather more evidence, such as obtaining CCTV footage of the incident. It is worth trying to get the contact information of eyewitnesses. Your attorney shall contact each one of them to prepare the case.

They Evaluate how much your claim is worth:

Criminal injury lawyers in Perth have dealt with several cases that are similar to yours. This lets them evaluate your case and tell how much compensation you can expect to receive. You can ask for compensation based on the type of injury and for emotional damages as well. A lawyer can look into your case and tell you what type of damages you are entitled to.

They Build a Case:

Building a strong case can be complicated. A skilled personal injury attorney will be preparing your case by conducting depositions or gathering records. If your case goes to trial, having a strong claim will force the other party to offer you a good settlement. If the defendant realises that you are not doing the work in building a case, you will possibly obtain a lower settlement offer.

They negotiate with the insurance company:

Once the accident has occurred and you file a claim, the defendant’s team will try and convince you with the least amount of compensation. Negotiating with the insurance company is quite taxing, especially when you are doing it on your own. Public liability lawyers in Perth will negotiate with the insurer and tell them why you deserve a better settlement. Lawyers usually tell their clients to reject the first and, sometimes, the second settlement offers. The evidence you have gathered will be used to prove that the defendant is at fault, hence you are most likely to get a higher compensation.

Always remember to file the claim ahead of deadline and be sure to hire competent workers compensation lawyers in Perth for assistance. With their help, you are sure to get a good compensation you deserve.

The author is one of the recognised criminal injury lawyers in Perth with an experience of more than 4 years. In this article, he explains how an attorney can help maximise the compensation for you. For more information, visit

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