How Proper Maintenance Can Prevent AC Problems?


Hiring professionals for air conditioning services once a year is vital! Ideally before your air conditioner kicks into high gear to combat the summer heat, you need to ensure that your system doesn’t suffer from a terrible case of “mid-season malfunction”. There’s a reason it’s called “preventative maintenance.” Learn more about the types of issues that regular maintenance of air conditioning North Shore can help you when dealing with the summer heat.

Major Mistakes

We all know that if we don’t address little issues as soon as you identify, they can swiftly escalate into major, costly air conditioning repairs North Shore. For example, you may resent having to change your car’s oil, but it’s certainly preferable to never doing so and having to replace your entire engine! The same may be said about your air conditioner. A qualified AC expert can detect any issues early on, ensuring that your cool air is not disrupted for even a second.

Minor Mistakes

If you’ve never heard the term “boiling a frog,” it refers to how an issue might develop slowly enough that you don’t notice it until it’s too late. With a badly maintained air conditioner, this is far too easy to happen. It’s possible that the airflow will be restricted gradually, and you won’t notice until it’s too late. You aren’t as cool as you could be, but your air conditioner is on full blast and sucking up all the power. You find yourself needing to turn down the thermostat an additional degree one month to obtain the cooling you require, and then you have to do it again the next month, and again the month after that.

Low Levels of Coolant

When it comes to air conditioning, the phrase “charge” refers to the amount of coolant in your system, not to the amount of power. Your air conditioner doesn’t chill the air by itself; it relies on liquid coolant flowing through coils, which must be supplied on a regular basis. When air travels over those coils, it cools, and the cooled air is pumped into your home to keep you cool throughout the summer. Low coolant levels, on the other hand, do not prevent your air conditioner from working. They simply make the air a little less cool over time, causing your unit to work harder and harder, and your air to become increasingly warmer.

Air Quality Issues

Your air conditioner may be turned off throughout the winter, but the wind does not. Dust, trash, and allergens are carried by it and settle on your coils and fans. Keeping your A/C unit free of dust and gunk will help keep your indoor air free of pollen and other particles that can aggravate allergies and degrade the overall quality of your home’s air. Replacing your air filter on a regular basis is equally vital for keeping your air clean, but it must be done even more regularly if your unit requires maintenance. An annual preventative maintenance call to an AC repair specialist will improve the quality of your air while also reducing the amount of money you spend on filters.

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