A rivet gun is used to fasten rivet nuts to metal objects together, such as different types of metal, aluminium, and steel. The gesipa rivet gun is used in various home improvement projects, automobile repair, aircraft maintenance, construction, and different applications. Rivet guns make the process of joining together two pieces or sheets of metal, saving time and energy. However, without rivet guns, the rivet nuts can’t be used. When using this tool, there are some safety precautions to follow to ensure the operator’s safety, rivet gun, rivet nuts, and the metal or objects that are fastened together.

How Do Rivet Guns Work?

A rivet gun works by applying the force to the rivet nuts that will make the rivet head expand and break the rivet shaft holding two metal objects together. That said, the riveting process is not as easy as it’s said and just squeezing the rivet trigger. It’s essential to position the two objects that you want to together properly. You need to safely operate the rivet guns and make sure the job is done rightly. So, here’s how to handle the rivet guns:-

Read the Instruction Manual

The manufacturer provides an instruction manual for a purpose. While there are several types of rivet tools, not all are made equal. Each manufacturer has a different requirement. It’s important to understand how the rivet guns work before using them. Read the instruction manual thoroughly before operating the gun, as it will help you to save time and enable you to make the most of the tool.

Wear Safety Gears

Wear a good pair of working gloves, safety glasses, and other things to protect your hands from injury due to mishaps and avoid getting injured from metal splinters during the riveting process.

Use a Clamp

A clamp is a necessary tool when operating a rivet gun, yet it’s an overlooked thing. A clamp is a must-have tool to hold two objects together that you want to rivet firmly.


Once you position the two objects properly, drill the surface a bit that is the same size as your rivets. Try to drill a hole right through the two objects.

Press the Trigger

Position the riveter on the pre-drilled hole and press the trigger. Give a little weight while riveting to assist the gesipa rivet gun. You’ll hear a popping sound indicating that the shaft has expanded and flared out and holding the objects that you need to rivet firmly.

Repeat this process until riveting all the objects. For more queries on handling Gespia rivet guns or gesipa rivet gun price, please contact our team.

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