How to Make a Good Choice When Dining Out?


Nothing is as exciting as eating out. In fact, dining out is both fun and sociable. However, we end up consuming extra calories than we are intended to. Let’s admit it; we’ve all been there, mindless eating when dining out, aren’t we? Even for the most disciplined dieters can be challenging. That said, it doesn’t mean you’ve to stop eating out. You could still make good choices and eat healthy when you dine out in a castle hill cafe or health food store Castle Hill. Take control by preparing yourself with these tips so to dine out while sticking to a healthy diet.

Choose the Right Place

Choosing the right place to dine out over another can make a bigger difference than you might expect. Check the menu online and opt for places like nutrition station castle hill that offer a low-calorie menu. Checking the menu before visiting the place can help you pre-plan your meal with healthy choices and more importantly, avoid temptation.

Order a Broth-Based Soup

If you’re super hungry and visiting the restaurant, it’s likely that you’ll be consuming a lot. It’s a good idea to start with broth-based soups made with chicken or beef stock as it will fill up your stomach before the main course.

Balance Your Meal

Try to balance your meal by including a healthier section from all the food groups, including low-fat dairy, lean protein foods, whole grains, and vegetables. Look for freshly made salads that give you a balanced bowl that has all the nutrients and calories you need. If possible, ask for dressing on the side so you can choose what you want and control the portions. If you choose a sandwich, go with veggies, including tomato, avocado, and onions for toppings. In short, round out your meal by choosing healthy side dishes and boosting the food’s nutritional value by topping it with healthy choices.

Be Aware of the Quantity

You’ve probably asked to consume half portions when you are on a diet. But, given the huge portion sizes served at the restaurants, even half portion might be too much. Not to mention that you’d be tempted to consume those delicacies. This’s where most diet freaks go wrong. You should take control of the portion of the food served at the restaurants. You better visualise what your plate would like at home and try to replicate that in your restaurant. If possible, take your friend with you and share the meal. This way, you can avoid ending up eating more. Go for baked or grilled chicken, seafood or beans as they provide protein with fibre and other nutrients.

As you see, there’re ways to make good choices when dining out. Be conscious about what you’re eating and enjoy.

The author is a chef specialising in serving healthy foods that are fresh, sustainable produce. He caters for all needs including vegetarian, vegan, paleo, dairy free and gluten free. Visit for more details about Castle Hill cafe.

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