Improve Business Communications With an Online PBX Phone System

Despite the presence of many different methods of communication, an advanced phone system is still the heart and soul of many business operations. Businesses such as restaurants, dental clinics and retail shops still need a central phone to receive and make calls to clients and customers. Good thing, business phone systems have made significant strides over the last decade or so. Nowadays, we no longer need expensive equipment and hardware which consume a lot of space.

An online pbx phone system is the perfect partner for any business. Powered by artificial intelligence, this technology can make phone calls while increasing and speeding up communication flow. This system can sustain the employees’ mobility while building up relations between team members and customers. Here is a quick look at the main advantages of adopting such an advanced telephone system.


Softphones (software phones) are important and practical these days. Given the current business environment, professionals greatly need communication tools regardless of their location. Softphones give a business the capacity to make and receive calls using a computer or any other device as long as there is an Internet connection. Softphones mostly use VoIP as their transmission protocol, provide businesses a much needed mobility, and all without compromising the value of voice communication. Because conventional phones are no longer needed, having softphones easily translates into additional savings for any business.

Enables app integration

App integration is a major benefit of using softphones and VoIP. Call registration integrated into CRM platforms, so history, events and more are automatically tied to the caller, are part of a cloud pbx phone system. It also makes all previous communication data easy to find. This is very useful for both the business and its customers.

Call recordings

In the world of business, outstanding communication means being able to listen, understand and make follow ups on important topics. Call recording is very useful in case of the need to track down important issues discussed per telephone. Furthermore, it can also be used in training employees and in providing them timely feedback. A hosted pbx for small business enables customer service agents and trainees to listen to the things that they are doing correctly and those which need improvement.

Text and messaging options

Numerous customers would like to use text and messaging options to communicate with a business. Instead of making phone calls, these people prefer to use text and messaging to reach companies. Based on studies, text-based customer interactions can result in higher satisfaction ratings, even if it is used one way, such as the confirmation of an appointment, or the tracking number for a parcel that a business has sent. For many customers, texting is a quieter and more convenient option. This kind of capability is possible through an online pbx phone system. Nowadays, customers like it when a business uses multiple channels to communicate with them. Depending on the objective or stage of the relationship or transaction, switching between text, call or chat is a great and often time saving experience for as well business as their customers.


With online pbx phones gaining major strides in the business world, we can completely say goodbye to the more expensive and outdated conventional telephone systems. With cloud hosted phone systems, manual note taking, lengthy transcripts and disconnected conversations are no longer a cause of concern for any kind of business.

The author is a provider of an intelligent cloud crm combined with a business phone system for the business of all size. No matter what size of your business, you have the same technology as the big enterprises, professional call & contact centres and support & sales desks on a pay-as-you-go basis. Visit for more details.

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