Know these 3 Popular Home Design Trends for 2022 in Australia


Home design styles and trends continue to evolve, with new designs and ideas being introduced as the housing market continues to grow in all areas of Australia. So many home buyers have been expressing great interest in purchasing bigger homes in the regional areas and outer suburbs. It’s important to keep up with current trends to ensure that your home maintains its value and you live in style for years to come. Here are some of the most popular property development home design trends in 2022.

Hampton Home Design:

Coastal Hamptons, Modern Hamptons, and Rustic Hamptons are three of the most popular home design trends in the recent times. Coastal homes are being preferred by several people for a few years due to their beachy-fun aesthetic and bright colours. Modern styles are chic and sleek, offering a crisp appearance that is quickly catching on as a favourite amongst homeowners. Rustic homes are historically inspired but also feature rich colours and warm, natural textures.

The best part about these trends? They can be customised to your liking. Whether you want to embrace coastal living, rustic decorating or modern architecture, Hampton has you covered.

Palm Springs Home Design:

If you like to feel relaxed and totally at home, a Palm Springs home design might be just right for you. Featuring large windows and porches, as well as open, breezy rooms with lots of natural light, these houses provide comfort, tranquillity and easy living. According to the expert property developers, this style works well in warm climates, especially when it comes to pools and patios. The TV show, The White Lotus perfectly showcases this design, so be sure to check that out.

French Provincial Design:

France was once a leader in style and technology, as well as a seat of culture and art. As such, French Provincial design (one of many styles from that country) has always had a place on homeowners’ wish lists. This contemporary look combines crisp lines with delicate curving designs in order to make the space appear bigger. The result is an aesthetic that speaks to modern sensibilities, while maintaining traditional formality. Simply put, it is an elegant version of the Hampton home design. The historical significance alone makes it one of the most-requested designs for both renovation and new property development alike.

Home designs are evolving to become collaborative, according to Jim Dionysatos, Director of Landen Property Group. Designers and clients now work together, discussing their ideas and suggestions, so as to create an attractive and unique home design. Palm Springs and Hampton styles are great options to get your design process started with sustainable developments in mind. Any of the trending styles mentioned above makes it easy to customise home design and make your vision a reality.

The author is working is one of the qualified property developers working in a recognised company specialised in property development. He has over four years’ experience in the real estate industry. Visit

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