Medicare Benefits Schedule Welcomes TMS Treatments

The mental health system we have today has grown since it was first noticed, with disorders now properly cited by their symptoms and which regions of the brain are heavily affected due to them, leading to treatments and medications being worked on each day.

TMS treatment is such treatment that’s come into the limelight, though the prominence of this treatment is not as widespread compared to other methods. As said by those in TMS Castle Hill clinic, this lack of words could be due to the costs and repeated sessions needed to be done by patients.

Though TMS Castle Hill, along with other clinics, have recently found good news with TMS treatment soon being added into the Medicare Benefits Schedule. Though not all patients may not know the benefits that come along with this change.

What about TMS?

TMS treatment, or transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment, was pioneered in Australia around the early 2000s and is noted by psychologists and doctors to be a treatment recommended for patients who cannot reciprocate to drug therapy. A recent advancement in the field in comparison to electroconvulsive therapy which had been around for 18 years, as said by those in TMS Clinic Castle Hill.

The treatment is one of the only few painless options that patients can go through, in addition to having no association with any memory problems. TMS is a unique treatment that helps patients and doctors know specifically which part of the brain needs to be addressed.

Though despite its benefits, many patients and doctors alike have noted that taking part in the treatment is no easy task, especially in Australia where the treatment before was only done in hospitals.

According to TMS Clinic Castle Hill, patients needed to spend at least four weeks in a hospital after the treatment and would need to make continuous sessions soon after to get the most of the treatment. Not to mention such patients could spend about $3,500 to $5,000 for one session and four weeks of recovery only to repeat.

With many patients from TMS Castle Hill even having their concerns on paying for the repeated session, one even saying “It’s an awful lot of money and commitment of time and resources for your wellness.”

As such TMS Clinic Castle Hill, along with other clinics have been elated to know that TMS has been added into the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS). With this additional treatment on the list, funding for it will increase and in turn let it be more accessible for those with lacking time or resources to have it in the hospital.

The author is a practice manager, and he provides personalised tms Castle Hill therapy in an outpatient setting, avoiding the need for patient hospitalisation. Visit for more details.

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