Mouthguard – How Does It Help You Avoid Grinding Your Teeth?


Every year, millions of people are affected by bruxism, often known as teeth grinding. Teeth grinding can cause headaches and pain in the jaw or face in some persons. Teeth grinding can also cause the enamel on a person’s teeth to crumble or be destroyed. Bruxism can potentially lead to tooth loss in severe circumstances. The good news is that night-time mouthguards can help alleviate bruxism while also protecting your teeth.

How Does A Mouthguard Work?

The dentist Epping recommends mouthguard to protect your teeth. A mouthguard is an oral appliance that you wear over your teeth at night while sleeping. This guard acts as a barrier between your upper and lower teeth, protecting your teeth. The mouthguard will cause this tightening to relax up to prevent grinding as your jaw clenches during night. This gadget protects your teeth by keeping them from grinding together at night, as well as reducing facial and jaw pain by preventing your jaw from clenching.

Types of Mouthguard

A prescription is not required to acquire a mouthguard. They can be purchased over the counter or requested from your dentist Epping NSW. There are three primary types of mouthguards.

Soft Mouthguards

Soft mouthguards are, as the name implies, soft and flexible. This is the mouthguard that many individuals believe to be the most comfortable to wear. It is, however, not always beneficial in cases of severe teeth grinding. Furthermore, because this mouthguard is not as robust as some other alternatives, you may need to replace it every few months.

Hard Mouthguard

Acrylic is used to make a hard mouthguard, which is not flexible. This mouthguard is manufactured using an impression of your teeth and must be purchased from your Epping dental clinic. This type of night guard is appropriate for people who grind their teeth excessively. While it may take some time to getting used to using a hard mouthguard, it is extremely robust and will outlast other types.

Mouthguard with Dual Laminate

The dual laminate mouthguard is a hybrid of hard and soft materials. It is hard on the outside and soft on the inside. This sort of night guard is appropriate for people who grind their teeth moderately.

A mouthguard can help to lessen the effects of teeth grinding while also protecting your teeth from injury. It’s essential to only wear your mouthguard at night and to put it in your mouth right before going to sleep. Keep in mind that getting used to wear a mouthguard can take up to four to six weeks.

The author of this article is an experienced dentist Epping offering treatment for teeth grinding using mouthguard. In this article, he has mentioned about mouthguard, how it works and its types. Visit

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