Must-Have Features of a Reliable Cloud-Based Phone for Business

Owners have many good reasons why they should choose a cloud phone system for their businesses. It can operate with greater security and help streamline communications for their business. But what functions and tools should you look for if you want to get the best and most competent cloud based phone for your business? In order to understand better what it really is like to have one, here is a quick take on some of the most essential features of a reliable cloud business phone.


A basic feature in almost every cloud phone system package, voicemails enable you to get messages whenever there is a missed phone call. There is also an advanced voicemail feature, wherein a VoIP app can be used to allow to conveniently manage and listen to voicemails, for instance simply from a webpage. This is a great feature because you will be alerted of new voicemail messages, and unlike what we’re used to with our mobile phones, you can download, listen to or forward such messages at your convenience and from different entry points or devices.

Customisable interactive voice response (IVR)

Definitely one of the most convenient and must-have features of a good cloud pbx system, this automated telephony system allows you to interconnect with callers, gather data and route calls to the best available recipients.

Automated attendant

Having an automated attendant feature is perfect for any business because it can answer calls automatically and should be part of the IVR functionality. You can pre-set a menu that will direct customers to the exact department or part of the business which they are attempting to reach.

Call forwarding

Also referred to as call diversion, call forwarding redirects a phone call to another number. A call may be redirected to another phone, a mobile number or a group of people wherein the intended call recipient is present or the caller can be assisted.

Call queuing and distribution

Classified as part of call management, this feature puts every incoming call in queue as soon as the group of individuals or a particular person are not available to take this call. With pre-set criteria and rules, this feature then holds the caller and delivers it to the destination whenever this person or group is available again. In good systems you should be able to define the maximum waiting time for your caller. If nobody is available after the maximum waiting time, the system should automatically inform the caller, that they will be called back, The intended recipient should be informed that they have to return a call and have a mechanism in place to monitor and remind the recipient to do so.

Online management

A good cloud phone system for small business is usually managed through an online portal. This feature enables the owner or administrator to easily add users, view call data, create ring groups and set internal numbers for each extension. At the same time, users can set routes for call forwarding, use voice notes when transferring calls internally, view company directories and check voicemails.

Unified all-in-one communications

The best cloud business phone system should be able to handle all modes of communications including text messages, emails and telephone calls. With this feature, users can easily collaborate real-time and be able to access all forms of communications. To ensure a seamless experience, users and customers can both reply using their preferred modes of communications because everything can be found in one centralised location.

Final Word

When choosing a reliable cloud-based phone system for your business, always choose the one that is packed with many useful and essential features. The customisable IVR, automated attendant and call queuing will definitely benefit your business operations. In order to have a completely seamless experience, choose an all-in-one system that has everything you need including a telephone platform, an email platform, a ticketing platform, an SMS platform and a CRM platform.

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