Must Have Pool Accessories That Every Pool Owner Should Own


Your brand new pool is all set to go, and you are ready to dive into it. However, maintenance is one of the biggest challenges of owning a swimming pool. Using the right pool supplies is the key to maintaining a clean, neat, and comfortable swimming pool environment. By educating about yourself various best price pool supplies ,you’ll be able to choose the right pool supplies, including pool chemicals, pool brush, accessories, covers, and other equipment to fit your swimming pool maintenance needs.


Swimming pool chemicals are some of the most important supplies that every pool owner must-have for both in-ground and above ground swimming pools. A well-maintained swimming pool is essential for optimal performance. However, proper swimming pool upkeep requires certain chemicals. When you are shopping for pool chemicals, make sure you find the right kit so that you can maintain a clean and crystal-clear pool that you and your kids can enjoy throughout the day. Sanitisers, shocking chemicals, chlorinator, algaecides, and other balancing chemicals are some of the most needed chemicals for your swimming pool maintenance.


Swimming pool sanitisers include bromine tablets and the best pool chlorinator in Australia. Both are essential for killing bacteria and other contaminants for maintaining a clean and healthier pool. From day 1, it’s of utmost importance to maintain a consistent and constant level of sanitiser in the swimming pool of at least 1 ppm. This is usually done using tablets or chlorine floater. Most pools use about two or three inches of chlorine tablets per week for per 10,000 gallons of water.

Pool Water Balancing

It is essential to balance your pool water for the best performance by maintaining the proper Alkalinity, PH, and Calcium Hardness levels. These are the key ingredients of pool water balancing and there are different types of chemicals to maintain them.

Pool Shock

When your pool starts to smell bad, it’s time to shock the water. Actually, your pool shouldn’t smell anything. When it does, it indicates a low level of sanitiser level and it’s no longer doing its job. Giving your pool shock will help to enhance sanitiser levels when they need, kill bacteria and other contaminants, and make sure the water is clean. In addition, it can also help address mild algae issues.

Pool Brush and Skimmer

Brush and skimmer are the most used equipment in pool maintenance. It could be attached to a telescopic pole so that you can collect all the debris in the pool.

Hope these supplies should help maintain a clean and neat pool. Happy Swimming! For more queries on pool supplies, please get in touch with us.

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