My Swimming Pool Stinks: What Should I Do?


Diving into the pool on a hot summer day could be relaxing and exciting. However, when a pool stinks, it can prevent you from swimming altogether. Does your pool smell like chlorine? So it means that your pool is super clean? Indeed, no! That smell isn’t chlorine, although research show that the chemical smell of pool water is a sign of too much chlorine. Then, what is it? The smell that’s emanated from your pool isn’t chlorine. It’s the smell when chlorine reacts with some substance in your pool, including nitrogen or ammonia components like sweat or urine, called chloramines.

What Is Chloramine?

A Chloramine is a form of chemical that’s formed by replacing the hydrogen or ammonia atoms with chlorine in certain compounds such as sweat and urine. Also, chlorine combines with nitrogen in the rain and with ammonia in swimmers’ saliva. Even the top swimmers admit that they tend to pee during intense training sessions.

When chlorine is bonded into chloramine, it can cause a foul smell and eye and skin irritation. The chlorine smell which you associate with the pool isn’t caused by the chlorine that you used to sanitise your pool. When chlorine is contaminated, it is no longer effective and serve its function as a disinfectant. A swimming pool with high chloramines is less sanitary and not clean.

What Should You Do To Control Pool Smell?

The smell can be overwhelming, and the lack of sufficient chlorine can cause skin irritation, itchy eyes, and skin. A well-maintained pool can be odour-less and safe to smell. Invest in the right online pool supplies for maintaining your pool.

Here are a few ways to control pool odour:-

-Add more chlorine. That said, don’t overuse chlorine as it can cause skin and eye irritation. Read more to use the chlorine in the right way. When you’re not sure, it’s advisable to get the assistance of a professional to ensure you have enough chlorine in your swimming pool as they’ll have special equipment to measure the level of chlorine. You could also shop chlorine here pool shop online.

-One of the easiest ways to get rid of the chlorine smell from your pool is to shower and keep yourself clean before diving into the pool. When you keep ammonia-nitrogen at bay, you can have a great swimming experience at any time. Teach your children not to pee inside the pool, and you make sure not to do it.

-The best way to control the odour in your pool is to maintain a recommended amount of chlorine levels and shock the pool regularly. The recommended range of chlorine in a pool is one to two ppm.

We hope these insights will be much helpful. For further queries on pool maintenance or online swimming pool supplies, please get in touch with our team.

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