Paint Colour Ideas for Strata Painting Projects


Strata painting is completely different from residential and commercial painting as it involves painting complex areas with many parts. Durability, curb appeal, safety, and there’s a range of factors that greatly influence the outcome of a strata painting project that you were envisioning. Most of the key elements revolve around painting trends within the strata paint industry.

A great deal of innovation is happening in the industry and taking advantage of trends is a good idea to add value to your business by taking advantage of the cutting-edge applications, coatings, and paint colours. You’ll want to take a look at the most popular painting colours for strata painting Sydney from the top strata painters Sydney described below:-

Big and Bold Colours

Never hesitate to use big and bold hues. Why should it be the same whites and greys? Why not it be vivacious and statement- making colours like purple, red, green, orange, dark blue and yellow? Strong and bright colours can highlight even the smallest detail of a space.

These colours can create a perception of depth, making the space look larger and attractive than it is. In fact, bold hues are bright without being overpowering. Also, bright colours add dimension to any space where the walls tend to appear to push back away from the viewer. By contrast, bright hues draw the walls in towards the viewer. Carefully choose specific rooms for bright and bold shades with dark accents to create a dramatic effect for your strata projects such as apartments, club house, etc.

Embrace Eco-Friendly

Today’s paint colours are becoming healthier and safer and more importantly, created to reduce the carbon footprint of the commercial buildings and facilities they cover. Light shades on the exterior of strata buildings can keep the interiors energy-efficient by regulating the temperature and climate. This, in turn, helps to prevent the heating and cooling units working harder than it has to. On the other hand, interior paint has also become healthier in the past few decades. So, opt for low or no VOC paintings and coatings that help to breathe easier and improve the indoor air quality.

Durable Shades

Innovations in paint colours have come a long way. Today, painting manufacturers are creating certain formulations that stand up in harsh weather, maintenance, and repairs. Working with experienced strata painting services can help you identify paints and coatings specifically designed for durability.

Marketable Colours

Opt for colours that can help market your strata projects. One way to make your property instantly recognisable offline and online is to paint the exteriors with striking colours. Use signature colours and create a digital canvas with the same colours for the target audience who want to feature it in their feeds. It will drive foot traffic, look amazing on property or estate listings, and even work to increase property’s value.

For further queries on strata painting colours ideas, please contact CLP.

The author is one of the best strata painters in Sydney. Along with a team of professionals, he provides high-quality strata painting service for both residential and commercial property. Visit for more details.

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