Paint Colours That Will Help Attract Your Customers


Never underestimate the power of a great first impression. Regardless of the size and type of industry, you have got only a few seconds to create the best impression on your potential customers and target audience. While there are several ways to create a great impression, a fresh coat of paint has the power of creating a great first impression. All experienced business owners know that walk-in customers can make or break their business day, and they won’t walk into a business that doesn’t have a clean and welcoming atmosphere.

A good office painting Sydney job shows potential customers that you take care of the building and cares about the customers shopping experiences. However, choosing the right colours is the key to attracting your target audience. That’s why we, office painters Sydney, have shared some of the best business paint colours that you need to consider when repainting your office:-


Red is a powerful colour that can make or break a buyer’s decision. When played right, red can help boost sales. In fact, red triggers action, and if you want your customers to buy your product, shades of red can do wonders when mixed with the right shades. Remember red is more effective for impulse purchases. So, use it wisely. When in doubt, it’s a good idea to get colour consultation from the painters Sydney.


Blue is a classic colour that has been proven to boost sales and productivity. Blue boosts sales indirectly. As it is associated with tranquillity, calm, and stability, it’s a popular colour among financial institutions. Also, it’s a popular colour to make people think of serenity and security. Compared to red, with blue, we are quelling anxiety, making blue a great choice for businesses dealing with finances, medicine, and insurance.


Yellow is an energetic colour. However, you should be mindful when using yellow. The right way to use the shades of yellow is to command your audience’s attention, and let them know that you are confident in what you are doing.


Green is no wonder a soothing colour. It’s a versatile and inviting colour that can please your potential customers. Moreover, shades of green denote health, environment, and goodwill.


Orange is an energetic shade that has powerful attention-getting properties. Orange can make your customers feel as they are dealing with a cutting-edge company.


Black is a versatile shade that is modern, traditional, exciting, and relaxing. However, be mindful when using black. Use black as contrasting colours so that it adds drama to whatever mood you want to create.

The author is one of the skilled office painters in sydney. Along with a team of professionals, he provides high-quality painting service for both residential and commercial property. Visit for more details.

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