Perfect Paint Colours for a Summer Home Refresh


Did you know as a rule of thumb, you should repaint your house exterior every 7 to 10 years and your house interior every 5 to 10 years?

– Your hallways and kids’ bedrooms should be repainted every two to three years.

– Trim and baseboards, laundry room, kitchen and bathroom painting should be redone every three to four years.

– Adults’ bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms should be painted every five to seven years.

So, is it time to repaint your house? This summer is the perfect time to hire your painters Sydney since summer has it in spades. The pleasant temperatures allow exterior paint to cure at an ideal rate. Even it helps extends the lifespan and quality of your exterior paint. So, what are the best wall paint colours? Probably, this may be your question as of now! Continue reading to learn how to find those perfect summer colours!

Find Colour Inspiration from Floral Colour Palettes

What paint colours say fresh air, flowers in bloom, cool breezes, and sunny afternoons? Think about your favourite outdoor spaces! Consider shades of lavender, pinks, and a variety of green from sage to bright grassy tones. Use this as inspiration to find your perfect shade. Nothing says summer quite like these gorgeous colours pulled from the garden. These colours will add a little more energy and be brighter in your space.

Create Beach Bliss In Your Home With A Colour Palette From The Shore

To bring Beach Bliss into your house, consider neutral tones. By adding in accents and accessories in shades of turquoise, ocean blue, and pops of coral or peach, you can also bring the whole palette of colours for your space taken from the beach. Add colours like beige, pale grey, ivory, white and more beach neutral tones. So, you can get that same feeling of being at the beach. These beach colours bring those summer vibes to your house all year long.

The Colour of both the Sky and the Sea

Ranging from soft shades of pastel to sky blue, and bright shades of cobalt for something really bold, there are a variety of trendy shades to choose from. To bring the inspiration of those cloudless summer days, consider the blue colour painting that matches your house. You can also seek the help of professional house painters Sydney for selecting the perfect colour. Also, consider the colour of both the sky and sea, as a room painted with sky blue colour looks authentic and classy. Did you know this calming colour will also help with focus?

Final Wrap

No more delay; choose the paint colours and hire one of the top rated painting contractors Sydney to get the painting job done this summer.

The author of this article is a blogger and a top rated painters Sydney. In this article, he listed the perfect paint colours for a summer home refresh. For more details, visit

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