Most of us want to stay active and independent as we age. But, the physical changes of ageing makes it difficult to live independently. Eventually, seniors have to decide whether to move to an aged care facility or opt for 24 hour home care service to get the support they need. While seniors have got several options to spend their golden days with support, aging in place allows them to remain in their homes as long as they wish.

In fact, “many older Australians say that they wish to ‘age in place’ rather than moving into a specialised care so that they can be with their grandkids and family,” according to a recent survey. If you need support and looking for options, consider home care services. Aging in the home offers a plethora of benefits, and here are they:-

Greater Comfort

Our home means a lot to us. Not just a home, it’s filled with a lot of memories that could be cherished forever. After all, home is where the heart is. For seniors, the emotional value of a home is more important than their home’s monetary value. When you choose a private home care service, you can be able to continue living the lifestyle you want in an environment that’s familiar and filled with warm memories. Instead of having to adapt to the new place, you can remain in your own place and continue to enjoy the comforts you have already gotten used to. You could also get help from the caregivers when you need additional help in preparing a meal, running errands, hospital visits, and much more, all while in the comfort and security of your house.

Spend Quality Time with Friends and Family

Aging in place will make it easier for you to continue seeing your grandkids, kids, extended relatives, and friends. You could attend parties, socialise, get to know each other and make new friends. Staying close to friends and family and social networks is incredibly important for seniors. Also, we can’t overlook the benefits of spending valuable time with your adult children, grandchildren, neighbours, and friends.

Convenience and Cost Savings

It’s much easier and affordable to take the necessary steps to continue aging in your place rather than moving to an assisted aged care facility. Compared to home care services, assisted living facilities are a little expensive as you’ll have to spend thousands of dollars for medical treatments, the apartment you choose to live in, and other costs associated with aging.

As you see, aging in place is a viable option than moving into an assisted aged care facility. Opting for home care services can provide you with peace of mind while being independent.

The author is a blogger and owns a reputable aged care facilities in Sydney. With a team of friendly and dedicated caregivers, he offers personalised home care services in all facets of community care. Visit https://bellonacare.com.au/ for more details.

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