Pool Maintenance Guide for Beginners


Owning a swimming pool is bliss! As exciting as it is, pools come with the hassle of maintenance. Every swimming pool needs regular maintenance, and that’s why it’s essential to develop a basic understanding of pool maintenance essentials. Without maintenance, you could end up with skin allergies, infections, and other problems, causing damages to your pool and health. That said, there’s a range of online pool supplies that can make swimming cleaning and maintenance hassle-free.

When you know how to use the online swimming pool supplies and the best way to take care of them, you can solve any problem that comes your way with the help of a professional. Are you ready to learn about pool maintenance?

Remove Leaves and Debris

This should be done daily, and in fact, skimming is the first step of your pool maintenance. A long-handled leaf skimmer will do the job to gather the leaves, insects, and other debris floating on the surface of the pool. It’s a task that should be done daily, at least alternative days, especially to enjoy it throughout the swimming season.

Try to remove the debris before it stinks to the bottom of the pool as it can be difficult to remove and cause stains. Do you have trees around? Consider trimming the branches regularly to reduce the amount of debris inside the pool. This can take only a few minutes and keeps the water looking crystal and clear. So, it’s not a big deal.

Brush the Sediment from Pool Walls

Algae, leaves, stems, and debris can stick to the pool walls and swimming pool fixtures like steps, ladders, and sides. Use the pool brush and scrub the walls and fixtures every week to remove dirt and prevent the spread of algae. Try to brush sediment towards the main drain so that you can vacuum it easily. Once you brush the algae and sediments, vacuum it up to remove the dirt that has floated to the bottom of the pool.


Without proper sanitisation, pools can become a breeding ground for bacteria, causing various health problems. Leaves, dust, grass, and other debris can all cause bacteria to thrive. However, the size of the pool will determine the level of sanitisation you need. Use chlorine, ozone gas, UV sterilisation, bromine to sanitise and maintain the chemical balance in your pools.

Chemical Balance

Like sanitising your pool, it’s essential to balance your pool water chemically. Monitor the chlorine and PH levels periodically to make sure the pool is chemically balanced.

Now that you know about the basics of pool cleaning, you’ll be looking for pool shop online. We got you covered. Please visit our pool shop online, and we have a wide range of pool supplies for pool cleaning and maintenance needs.

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