Primary Maths Resources to Save You Valuable Time and Effort

In the past, teachers would depend on lengthy and dull textbooks with outdated content to teach their students. These types of resources are often inflexible and don’t cater to the individual needs of modern students. Fortunately, educational materials have evolved since the early 2000s, providing a more accessible pathway to effective teaching and learning.

In current times, learning materials are not only confined to teacher resource books. They are available in various digital formats, including video and voice recordings, downloadable worksheets, task cards, booklets, posters, and educational websites. We know that teaching is one of the most demanding professions, and fatigue is something educators deal with daily.

Preparing your own classroom materials and activities for each lesson is not achievable alongside other duties such as meetings, marking homework, preparing assignments, managing behaviours in the classroom, and the list goes on. Therefore, many educators have turned to online websites for classroom resources that can be downloaded instantly and accessed from any electronic device.

If you’re searching for engaging teaching materials for your students who need extra support during lessons, visit the Resources for Teaching website. They have plenty of practical classroom resources for teachers that are low prep and easy to incorporate into lessons. Learning needs to be fun for children to retain information and skills. Therefore the materials you select need to be interesting, colourful and easy to comprehend.

The Resources for Teaching store also has a helpful collection of resources for numeracy, including worksheets, lecture slides, presentations, activities and lessons. Using appropriate math websites for teachers can help your students master tricky concepts and skills whilst having fun. Here are some of their math resources for primary year levels that will save you valuable preparation time and effort.

1. Measurement and Geometry Maths Booklets for Year 4 Students


Aligned to the Australian Curriculum. This printable booklet includes 19 worksheets to assist year 4 students learning about Measurement and Geometry in the Mathematics syllabus. Plenty of topics covered within this strand of learning including using units of measurement, shape, location and transformation and geometric reasoning.

2. Exploring Graphs and Data Slides – Statistics and Probability


A wonderful resource for Year 1 and 2 students learning about graphs and data in mathematics lessons. Includes multiple choice questions that are wonderful for a pre-assessment or revision to see what your students know! These questions are great for differentiation as they range from easy to more challenging. Students will be engaged with these colourful slides that contain plenty of pictures and graphs that are easy to read and interpret!

3. Graphing and Data Worksheets for Beginners


Includes 12 worksheets that are perfect for students in Years 1 and 2 learning about graphing and data. Students will learn how to analyse, interpret and create their own graphs and charts to represent data on pie charts, picture graphs, bar graphs and tally charts. These worksheets are wonderful for differentiation with an easier and harder worksheet for each type of graph/chart.

4. Fractions Classroom Posters


These 16 brightly coloured fraction posters are designed to use in your classroom to help students see various models used to represent the following fractions: one whole, one half, one third, one fourth/ one quarter, one fifth, one sixth, one seventh and one eighth. Plenty of posters to match various abilities of students from Year 1 to Year 6.

The author is a writer who often publishes articles on health and education for their readers online. She also manages a website that offers a range of teaching resources online. Visit for more information.

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