Renovating Your Bathroom? Don’t Make these 5 Common Mistakes


If you are considering to renovate your bathroom, it’s a great decision indeed! But this is also something that must be done with extra care and attention. When doing a complete bathroom overhaul, there are many possibilities for you to make mistakes. By knowing what to expect ahead of time and which mistakes homeowners usually make in bathroom renovation, you can eliminate stress down the road. The experts of bathroom renovations in Canberra highlight some of such mistakes that are described down below:

Mistake 1: Not Making a Plan

Planning is important for bathroom renovation, or any project for that matter. Think about what you want; What kind of modifications must be made? What fixtures do you want to upgrade or replace? Should you improve the ventilation or lighting? What design or colour scheme would you like to implement? Brainstorm ideas and collaborate with a company providing small bathroom renovations in Canberra before you begin.

Mistake 2: Not Adding Additional Storage

Storage is really important for bathrooms. Try to create enough space to store your personal items, such as toiletries and linens. Adding cabinets or closets will be incredibly useful for you. This is especially important if your bathroom is shared with others, since everyone’s items can be sorted and stored separately.

Mistake 3: Ignoring the Importance of Layout

This is yet another popular mistake that homeowners make. When undertaking a DIY renovation project, one might not consider planning on the bathroom layout. DIYers pretty much neglect creating a layout, only to realise that their bathroom doesn’t have enough space to move around once the work is done. A professional offering bathroom renovations in Canberra can help you with creating the perfect layout to make the most of the available space before starting the work.

Mistake 4: Lack of Proper Ventilation

Ventilation should never be overlooked, since it helps protect your bathroom from damage. In a humid environment, there are chances for mould and mildew to grow and develop. With good ventilation and a fan, you can prevent moisture in your bathroom. Proper insulation also ensures that the paint wont peel or crack. Get the assistance of a renovation specialist to enable good air circulation in your bathroom.

Mistake 5: Improper Lighting

Lighting is important to make sure that your bathroom is a functional and safe space. Install a good light to brighten the space adequately. A wall scone or two would be perfect for your vanity mirror, since the lighting will be more balanced and evenly distributed.

Your best bet is to hire a service offering local bathroom renovations in Canberra. Having worked with a number of renovation projects in the past, the experts can dodge any possible mistake associated with the work. This lets them complete the project ahead of deadline and give you the results you want. Talk to a bathroom renovator today.

The author has over four years of experience in bathroom renovations in Canberra. He is currently working at a recognised bathroom renovation company that has helped various residents in revamping their bathrooms at reasonable rates. To know more, visit

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