Selling Your House? Use These Paint Colours


Probably you are wondering whether to paint your house or not and what colours to use. If a buyer drives to your property only to see a faded, peeling, and cracked paint, they will be disappointed and never turn up. Is that what you want? A fresh coat of paint can give a new dimension to your property and enhance the curb appeal, adding value to the property. However, painting your property with the right colours can increase the chance of selling the property with the best deal as you expected. In fact, paint colours play a significant role in the real estate game. So, which colours should you choose? Here are a few ideas from residential painters Sydney:-

Colours That Influence and Motivate Potential Home Buyers


White is a timeless choice that will never go out of style. In fact, white is an affordable choice that can bring a good ROI when it comes to selling your house. However, it doesn’t mean that you’ve to paint both interiors and exteriors white. It’s not necessary to go all white. Choose something with cooler undertones but avoid a bright, stark white as they give a too clinical feel. Off-white won’t suit all properties. Opt for a soft cream, light grey, and blue undertones.


If you want to add some colours to your property, blue would be the right choice. Blue is the colour of calm, and when used rightly, it can make your property appealing, light, and airy. Darker blue tones work wonders on almost all types of houses, while lighter blue on the exterior is cool.


Grey might not be your go-to colour choice or seem like an attractive colour, especially when you’re putting your house for sale. But, it’s one of the trending colours that many homeowners use when selling their property. It has become incredibly popular for both exterior and interior. This’s because they’re versatile and pair with natural elements like stones. Depending on your house’s architectural style and surrounding elements, find a perfect shade of grey ranging from dark charcoal to soft grey.


Yes, you read it right green. You might be shocked and sceptical to use this colour. But, shades of green can work like blue. It’s advisable to keep things subtle to make your property appealing to more buyers. So, use light shades of green and complement with other colours. When in doubt, get colour consultation from house painters Sydney.

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