Serve Pasta for Your Kids without Guilt


Pasta is an easy-to-cook and convenient meal for most families. It even pleases the taste buds of the pickiest eaters. But, most of the parents are worried about serving pasta to their kids, thinking that it’s an unhealthy option. According to a new research report, children and adults who eat pasta have a better overall diet quality. Yes, the research indicates that people who eat pasta have greater intakes of vitamins and minerals and compared to others who don’t eat pasta. Pasta-eaters are known to consume more dietary fibre, folate, iron, magnesium and vitamin E. So, when you are heading to a pasta restaurant in Vancouver for dinner, don’t leave your kids at home.

The Power of Pasta

Typically, kids have a love for starchy foods. Pasta is a good source of carbohydrates, and it can act as an efficient source of fuel for developing bodies. It also promotes brain growth in children. Moreover, one serving of pasta contains protein that meets the one-third amount of your child’s protein need.

One of the greatest things about pasta is that it can be a vehicle for other healthy foods such as vegetables, lean protein, olive oil, and more. Here we’ve listed a few tricks to serve a bowl of nutritious pasta to your kids.

Whole-grain Pasta

When you are ordering pasta delivery in Vancouver, ensure that the restaurant serves whole-grain pasta. In this way, you can make sure that your child is getting high-quality carbs. According to research data, whole-grain pasta varieties are rich in fibre, protein, and more.

Add Vegetables

One of the best ways to create a healthier pasta dish is to add veggies into the sauce. You can choose tomato sauce or other sauces that are made from vegetables and without any added sugar. In order to absorb more nutrients from the vegetables, add some good fat from olive oil or a dairy product.

Don’t Forget the Protein

Do you want your kid to stay full of healthy protein? Add lean protein from chicken and fish, and even beans. This ensures that your child is full and there is a steady slow release of energy. Moreover, it reduces the sudden spike in blood sugar.

Pasta is recommended by nutritionists for children because it makes sure the right intake of complex carbohydrates, protein, and fibre. When you incorporate more veggies and protein into your kid’s pasta-based meals, there is a low risk for malnutrition.

The Bottom Line

With all the nutritional benefits, pasta is the right choice for your kids to help them lead a healthy life. So, stop feeling guilty, and serve a bowl of delicious pasta to your kids. Visit for Italian food delivery in Vancouver.

The author of this article owns a pasta restaurant in Vancouver and has been serving the community for over four decades. In this article, he explains why pasta is better for your kids. Visit for more.

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