Should Your Business Need a Cloud Based Phone System? Here’s Your Answer


To stay ahead in the game and serve your customers better, it is imperative that your business embraces advanced technologies as time passes by. Besides having a fast and stable internet, a good communication system will allow you to fulfill your customer needs without hassles. Gone are those days when businesses had to deal with the limitations of traditional phones. With the introduction of online or cloud based phone system for small business, companies have been able to enhance the productivity and efficiency of their staff. Here are three signs indicating that you need a cloud phone system.

Your Staff Answers Multiple Phone Calls:

It’s pretty common for your employees to multitask and handle different roles when you are running a small business or a start-up. This means that they will be answering phone calls for various departments in your company. Switching to a cloud based phone system for small business will be really helpful in this scenario. Calls can be routed to the appropriate staff members based on your customers’ query or requirement. For instance, a web developer can route a telemarketing call to the sales staff who will handle customer queries and focus on selling the product or service. A good cloud based phone system comes with call routing features to make this possible.

Staff Uses Mobile Phones to Talk to Customers:

If your company is new, it makes sense that your employees talk to your clients and customers using their mobile phones. But when your business grows over time, it is important to have one or more dedicated business phone numbers. Not only does it streamline the entire communication process, but it will also create an impression amongst your customers.

cloud based business phone system is a worthy investment for any business. It is highly recommended to seek the assistance of a cloud telephone service provider when you need a business phone number. This technology promotes collaboration amongst teams and also helps your staff improve their productivity. Since all your customer data is stored in the cloud, staff can access those details with ease whenever required. A good third party service provider will ensure that your sensitive business information is protected from hacks or cyber attacks.

Customers Contact You Day & Night:

When your company expands and becomes prominent in the industry, you will gain more customers as a result. This also means you will have to handle a large number of phone calls every single day (and night). But there are times when your staff would not be able to answer these calls, especially after business hours. In such cases, a cloud based phone system will allow you to route the calls to someone who’s available to talk. And if no one’s available, an automated system will handle the call for you, after which you can call back and address your customers’ needs later.

cloud hosted PBX can resolve the challenges of communication in your business, and ensure that your customers are happy and satisfied. Talk to a service provider today for more details.

The author is working in a recognised company offering superior cloud based phone system for small business. He has over 4 years’ experience in the industry. To know more, visit

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